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Gobdigoun Placenta Cellulose Gel Mask, Water Balloon Aqua Mask & IL Porco Eye Patch review

Hello Hello, how have you been?? I had a fabulous week trying all this beautiful mask and I will be sharing the review of Gobdigoun Placenta Cellulose Gel Mask, Gobdigoun Water Balloon Aqua Mask & Gobdigoun IL Porco Eye Patch today….. I think this is the most beautiful mask I ever had. I got this mask for a few months but I just can’t put my heart to cut it open to apply on my face because they are just too pretty.

Now a little introduction on Gobdigoun brand as I think this brand is pretty new for most of you because it is definitely new for me. This brand comes from Korea and they focus on providing the highest quality in their product. Their famous product 24K Golden Cream of Placenta Power and Placenta Cellulose Gel Mask is well loved by many women from China, Taiwan and Japan. When I’m in Hong Kong, I saw these in Sasa too, seems like well loved by Hongkies too.

Gobdigoun Placenta Cellulose Gel Mask

The mask look really elegant and mystery at the same time. I feels like I am attending some Masquerade party when I see the mask. Especially the Placenta Celulose Mask which has a velvet fabric detail in the middle with gold font which is really really feel luxury to me. The reflecting silver box does amped up the entire mask packaging. Not only the the box look pretty, the mask inside look as amazing too…. so pretty isn’t it?

Gobdigoun Placenta Cellulose Gel Mask contains Placenta Extract which known for its abundant amino acid and peptide. Not just that it also has a plentiful moisturizing ingredients which will improve the skin elasticity and moisturizing effect on the skin. The Bio Cellulose is constructed in a similar structure with human skin protein allowing comfort while wearing the mask. This is really true as I really feel very comfortable wearing it. It does not fall off even I move around a lot. Also the cellulose mask is really thick which contains a huge amount of placenta extract in it.

I love how cooling this cellulose mask is when apply to my face. I did place the mask in fridge before I apply on my face. After applying the mask I do feel it improve my skin bounciness and super moist too. Only set back is that the scent is a little bit too strong for my liking. I has that musk scent like perfume has.

Gobdigoun Water Balloon Aqua Mask

Now let’s move to this Water Balloon Aqua Mask. The packaging feel very Sailormoon to me for some reason. It also feel very mermaid to me too. The Water Balloon Aqua mask is like multifuction mask that helps tightening, mousturizing, anti aging, anti stress and pore minimizing as well. Impressive!!!

It contains Witch Hazel Flowers Water which is effective in skin clarity, soothing and reducing skin damage. The formula also includes the Portulaca Olearcea Extract which help mitigating skin trouble and stimulation of the skin. The Arnica Flower Extract, main ingredient in the essence improve the skin hydration, soothing, elasticity and nourishment. Sodium Hyaluronate on the other hand helps improve skin elasticity with the moist 6000 times higher than water.

This mask is thinner compared to the placenta mask and this is in cotton texture. I like this scent more than the earlier one but this mask will slip off my face if I move too much. On first application it does sting my skin, but according to my beautician she said if it sting your skin means my skin is dry or is clogged. On second application it does not sting any more, which means the mask did hydrate and repair my skin so on second application it does not sting anymore. The hydration level of this mask is really magnificent. My skin does not feels oily at all on the next day when I woke up which usually it will be greasy on my T-zone area.

Gobdigoun IL Porco Eye Patch

Then we have this unique black IL Porco Eye Patch. The gold jar felt really heavy and of good quality. Looking very luxurious too, totally worth the money paid. This eyepatch is made of hydrogel by converting liquid essence to gelatin patch of which effective ingredients activates according to facial temperature. Thus,hydrogel patch is way more effective than normal fabric patch.It has gold extract which helps in detox and improve blood-circulation. Black Pearl in the formula contains high level of amino-acid and mineral that helps circulation of facial blood vessels resulting in brightening of facial skin tone.

I like the soft and cooling hydrogel patch. I tend to have soft spot for gel related stuff…. Well they are always cooling to my skin and hence why I love them. This eyepatch does helps reduce the darkness around my eyes area but I am still continuously using it to see how big the difference it can do to my dark circle. Only set back it I find it hard to position it on my under eye… It also will slip off in some occasion.

In overall I really love all the Gobdigoun mask and I am looking forward to tryout other range too… They have a wide range of mask and also  I heard their Placenta Power Aging Corrector Eyecream is really good and that packaging, dayummmm so pretty!!!!!!!!!!


You can purchase the mask from their Facebook Page which I will list down below. They provide international shipping using EMS delivery. It will roughly takes within 5-7 working days. 

For more info please checkout: 

Alright girls, I think I shall end this post here. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog ya. See you in the next review!!

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