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Pangkor Fish Head Curry

Don’t be fool by the its name, its not located in Pangkor in fact is in Taman Megah PJ. 

It is located just opposite of Fatty Crab. When arrive there we saw a lot of people waiting for food and some queuing for their table to be seated. Me and Darling reach there first and we straight went to the 1st floor where there were few families waiting for the door to open. When the door open we rush in to get a table and start looking at the menu. Meanwhile another 3 of my friends is still on the way.

When they arrived, we started to order food and drinks. I would say the environment here is very noisy (a lot of people) and the table are quite old. We waited for almost an hour before the food arrived.

The first to come is the Clam (La-La) with Soup, RM 23.00. I like the giant size of the clam and the flesh is very tangy and fresh. The soup is very pleasant where the clam substance has seep into the soup. It was definitely a hit!!Beware, the soup must be serve while its hot or else the soup will have the fishy taste.


Second is the Butter Slipper Lobster (Baby Lobster), RM 6.00 per gram and our portion is 450 gram so it will be RM 27.00. I would say the butter and egg flakes is not crispy enough and the butter did not fused together with the Lobster. However, the lobster is fresh and the flesh is very sweet (felt like just captured from the sea).


Then come the Stir Fried Choy Tam with Garlic, RM 13.00. I think its rather expensive for this dish as the portion was not big. The Choy Tam is not so fresh and is a bit over cooked.


Finally, the 2 types of crabs was served! We love the Salted Egg Crab, RM 45.00 over the Hot & Spicy Crab, RM 42.00.

The first crab was just okay because the salted egg was not as good as it should be! Its way too wet for my liking! Most important is the crab mean doesn’t taste like its cooked with salted egg!


Meanwhile the later one is quite gravy which is just nice for dipping. The bun is crispy with soft texture! Taste good when it pairs with the hot and spicy gravy! I do not like this crab so much because the taste of the gravy was not strong enough! But actually I am not a fan of Spicy mood! Yeah most of my friends say I am not Malaysian (M’sian loves Chili)!


Some of the picture while waiting for food, eating and whatever!

Waited so long for the food, where I took my camera out and snap here & there



He can’t stop chewing the clams! Yum Yum



Food: 4/10

Price: 7/10 (More economical towards 10)

Cleanliness: 7/10

Ambient Environment: 6/10

Service: 4/10

Overall: 4/10



No 59, Jalan SS24/8,

Taman Megah,

Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Google Map Here

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