Essential Touches For A Vacation Rental

One of the most effective innovations of the last few decades has been the way tech has allowed individuals to live a more independent, more carefree lifestyle than before. This is perhaps most clearly seen in the way that some of us arrange holidays in this day and age. It’s possible for a digital nomad to book a flight at hours’ notice, arrange via cellphone for a car to pick you up, and while you’re traveling to the city center, book accommodation for the night through a vacation rental app.

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It’s vacation rentals that have changed things most completely. It’s not so long ago that if you wanted to have a city break, you would need to desperately scour the internet for a hotel that had rental rooms available at incredibly short notice. Now, a holidaymaker can hit up the internet for a short-notice rental – and you, if you have a room to spare or a rental property sitting empty, can use this to your advantage. If you want to make some extra income by renting out space to voyagers, the following tips will come in very handy.

Maximize the renter’s privacy

Although the chance to rent a room in the owner’s property has pulled down a lot of barriers between service providers and users, it’s inevitable that someone booking a room will want their privacy – something that they’re justified in wanting to protect. If you’re renting out a room while staying in the property yourself, make sure it is possible for the renter to have some space. Allow them tea and coffee making facilities in their room; partition off a specific bathroom for their use if possible; display the WiFi password prominently so they don’t need to ask for it. At the end of the day, they’re looking for a place to rest – and if they want to hang out and chat, they’ll do so.

Ensure every rented space is well-equipped

There is only so much in the way of appliances that will fit into a single room, so prioritise necessities such as a fan in summer, a heater in winter, and anything else that is relevant to your location. In a larger accommodation, a working cooker and fridge will be a minimum. Keep these well-maintained, as you won’t be around them 24/7; it’s easy enough to find OEM appliance parts online and you can DIY many of the repairs or refurbishments for essential appliances. Look for ways you can fit appliances most other owners in the area aren’t offering. The more you can offer a renter, the better.

Offer a ride service from the airport/town center

It’s always a good idea to emphasize convenience in any listing on a vacation rental site – the key reason why these rentals have become so popular is specifically because of their convenience. You can make that all the more evident for visitors by offering to pick them up from a specified point and bring them to the property. You may charge for this, or offer it as part of the rental payment; it saves them booking a car or taxi, and there’s no risk of getting lost on the way to your property.

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