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What to Wear to a Wedding This Year

When you are invited to a wedding, the location and time will be specified. One thing is not though, how to dress for them. Yes, there might be a couple of general rules to stick to, like don’t wear white, don’t wear anything that is too revealing, don’t show up looking unkempt or wrinkled. That being said, making a choice of what to wear can still be something that is a bit difficult. Here are a few tips to reduce that difficulty and to give you an idea or two about choosing the ideal outfit.

For Him

If you happen to be going to a wedding that is being held in the daytime, and if it is one that is a formal one, you might want to wear a dark suit paired with a wrinkle-free dress shirt that is easy to care for. That dress shirt might also be worn with a light-colored seersucker or linen suit if the wedding happens to be in a warmer month. In cooler months, you might consider wearing a wool suit, or even a sweater layered under a blazer and a tie. Another option that will be quite versatile is to pair some great looking trousers with that button-down dress shirt a blazer and a tie.

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If you are invited to a wedding that will be held in the evening, you might go with the ubiquitous dark suit if you want to get the right look. If the ceremony will be after 6 o’clock in the evening and is formal, you might even be asked to wear a tuxedo. For evening weddings that are casual or semi-formal, you can pair a nice blazer with slacks and a tie to the wedding and reception.

For Her

If you are going to a daytime wedding, some suitable things to wear include a gorgeous floral dress or a skirt and sweater combo. If it is a summer wedding, you might even decide to wear a suit in a light color. As far as the shoes go, heels, sandals, and slingbacks are always good options.  You might even accessorize your look with a great looking hat. You also need to consider the season. You wouldn’t wear the same thing to a winter wedding that you would wear to a spring wedding.

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Let’s say that the wedding will be held in the evening. What could you wear then? Some suitable suggestions might include things like a fancy gown or dress. Then again, if it isn’t considered to be a formal event, you might wear a cute little cocktail dress (as long as it isn’t overly provocative or sexy). Black is always a good color to wear regardless of the style. You might also consider a cocktail suit in dark or sophisticated colors. Keep in mind that things like beads, sparkles, and sequins are all things to stay away from unless the invitation specifies the event as one that is black tie.

Other Things to Consider

Shoes are just as important as what you will wear, believe it or not. As far as men go, leather business shoes will typically not be the appropriate choice for a wedding. You should try to go with something that is just a bit dressier. You also need to keep in mind that you will more than likely be doing a bit of dancing, so they will need to be comfortable too.

When it comes to women’s shoes, they need to coordinate with what you are wearing, be dressy, and be comfortable enough for all of that dancing.

Accessories are also important. Wearing a dazzling bit of jewelry can be just what you need to bring your look together. Look for those accessories that match both the shoes and the dress, but don’t go overboard. Keep it elegant and simple.

Clutches/bags need to be right too. You don’t want to carry your everyday purse to a wedding. Instead, go for a small handbag or elegant clutch that will perfectly match what you wear.

You should also consider how your outfit is going to restrict you in terms of getting in and out of your vehicle. Have someone on hand to assist you if necessary. If the bride has hired a classic limo from Perth Classic Charters to drop you all off at the church, the last thing you want is to have an ungainly struggle stepping out of it because of your outfit.

Finally, make sure that you take along an elegant wrap in case you get chilly during the ceremony.

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