An Engagement CAN Be Perfect, So Make It BE Perfect

Christmas films are beginning to hit the streaming services and that means more romantic films. In this sub-category, there will be lots and lots of wedding and engagement films, set in Christmas and or winter. This has got us thinking. We often consider engagements as being a small step to the final day of being bachelors and then, getting married. But we should stop thinking that we’re just bachelors with a ring on our finger. We should begin to behave as if we are heading up to a path, together, and are about to walk through a gateway to a happily ever after. That’s why engagement should truly set the ball rolling in motion. So what could make it truly special?

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The location must be perfect 

The location of the proposal has to be perfect. Don’t try too hard to surprise your lover, by going to a totally random place. It should be a place that is spectacular and yet familiar. Many couples opt to go to a restaurant they have always loved. But, the entirety of the location is important. So think about the season. Do you want orange, yellow and brown leaves to cover the ground? Do you want a late summer sunset to be your backdrop? Maybe you want a frozen lake and snowy hills to be part of the location. Do you want it to be lit by the street lights, or do you want the sun to be your guiding light? It’s important to think about not just the location, but the weather, the public lighting, and foot traffic, etc.

A ring that matches

Engagement rings are often set apart from the wedding ring. It Is clear why this is important to some couples, because they want a more special ring for the wedding. This is fine, but who’s to say the styles shouldn’t match? You could have an excellent engagement ring that’s made out of rose gold. Check out the Brad Bridal ring, made out of gold and has twin rows of diamonds and a central crowned precious stone. We think that, if you feel comfortable with your engagement ring, try to match it with your wedding ring. We all know that the wedding ring is going to be more extravagant but the styles in terms of materials, color, shape, and the overall design could be similar. In a strange way, it could show that the engagement was just as important as saying ‘I do’ at the altar.

Don’t tell them yet

You’ve probably watched a romantic film where the couple immediately tells everyone in their phonebook of their recent engagement. But why? Isn’t it more personal to be with each other during this time? It’s like you’re in a capsule together, no one else knows, and no one else can share or take away from your happiness. That’s another thing, what if the people you’re telling aren’t happy about the engagement? Wouldn’t that just put a damper on your great day? Hold off for a week, enjoy being in the moment.

What makes an engagement truly great? All these things and more. It’s about you and only you. Everything can be perfect, so why shouldn’t it BE perfect? 

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