Top 5 The Face Shop Best Sellers for Teens

Every day, the cosmetic market sees an increase in sales from the younger customer base. In the early days of makeup and beauty products, the majority of sales were made by adults and professionals, eager to display their best selves in their social lives and workplaces. These days, teens have found to select Teens Prioritizing Skincare.

With the advent of increasingly cheaper and more accessible products, companies are looking towards developing products that cater to a larger, and in this case, younger audiences. Teens worldwide are now buying cosmetics and developing skincare routines of their own, and now have a wide array of tailor-made products to choose from.

Jumping on this demand is Korean Cosmetic company The Face Shop, a long time veteran of the industry that has developed some fantastic Korean beauty products for teens and steadily impressed with quality and commitment to natural, eco-friendly cosmetics.

Below is a list of top 5 teenage-friendly best sellers from the company’s extensive product line:

1. Dashing Diva Magic Press Slim Fit

One common misconception is that The Face Shop only has skincare and cosmetic products. However, the company has a wide array of safe and natural selections for teenage skin. The first product on the list is the Dashing Diva Magic Press Slim Fit for beautiful nails.

This package is a fun addition to any teens beauty collection. The pack contains eight nail stickers in a variety of pastel colors and patterns, with a thickness of 0.14mm, designed to keep your nails looking natural as if you painted them yourself.

Each sticker is easy to apply, requires only a top coat after putting it on, and removable with any nail color remover. The variety in each pack allows you to mix and match according to whatever you fancy at the time.

2. Nature Garden Perfumed Body Mist

The next item on the list is a body mist that allows you to smell nice at school or home. The Nature Garden Perfumed Body Mist is refreshingly scented, mistaking a soft fragrance that isn’t overpowering, but noticeable. Using naturally-sourced ingredients, and drawing inspiration from real fruits and flowers, these scents are familiar yet non-irritating, perfect for regular applications on a busy day.

The mist is currently sold in 4 different scents and comes in an easy to store and carry a bottle, with easy spray nozzle application.

3. My Plant Hand Cream

This handy cream (no pun intended) comes in a cute planter holder in three different variants! Perfect for plant lovers out there, or collectors of novelty cosmetics. The cream itself is composed of agave extract that guarantees long-lasting moisturization on any number of occasions. 

The hand cream comes in 3 different fragrances, each distinguished by their unique cacti-inspired holder. It is conveniently compact and robust, meaning you can bring your favorite cacti with you wherever you please!

4. Moisture Cushion Blush

Another The Face Shop teen product is the Moisture Cushion Blush that gives light coverage for your cheeks. The natural reddish glow has never been easier to attain with this handy cushion blush. If you’re worried about your pale looks, you can use this safe and mild cushion.

The product is available in 4 shades to suit any preference. Each product is enriched with Berry Oil Complex, which acts to hydrate and replenish skin while applying vibrant pigments over the cheeks guaranteed to be long-lasting and soothing.

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5. Gelato Tint

The last item on the list is the Gelato Tint. This mousse lip tint comes in a package that looks as good as it smells! Containing natural oils and extracts such as rosehip, apple, and mango, each of the six variants is guaranteed to give your lips a soft and creamy finish. Each color has its corresponding scent, from the tried and tested bestsellers like vanilla and chocolate, to fun fruity scents like grape, mango, and watermelon.


Koreans have such beautiful skin because they start their skincare routines during their youth. If you’re a teenager or if you have a teenager, you can start introducing them to the wonderful world of skincare. While many people take their skincare routines very seriously, there’s no problem with adding a little fun, and the ones listed above are solid proof of this. Each item listed adds a cute or aesthetic gimmick to your cosmetic collection guaranteed to make every touch up an entertaining experience for any teen or child at heart.

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