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Singapore 3D2N Trip Part 3: An Artsy Night

Still remember on my last amazing Singapore trip?? I am back with another post on the amazing Artsy night we had at Rendezvous hotel during my stay in Rendezvous Hotel.

So the theme for the night is artsy and everyone has to dress as creative as possible. Honestly I am not really an art person so the only dress I could think of is this side hem dress with different pattern on it. When we arrived there is a few prop where we can take for photo snapping and we are allowed to bring it home as well!!So cool is it?? So this is my OOTD for the night together with the prop, a sunglasses with blinking stars!
Artsy look

Everything inside the party are all art inspired including food, performance and decoration!! I wish I could take video to show you what’s inside but it’s too dark! So here are bits and pieces of the party!
I first saw this lady inside this photo frame, if she doesn’t move I really thought she is part of the painting!!! She is a real person okay!!

Singapore Trip142

Singapore Trip144Me and Febri, love her maxi dress!

Then guest are all invited to cast their vote to choose the most creative design which will be the design of the new hotel room card for Rendezvous Hotel.

Singapore Trip141The birdie design is sooo lovely!! If you look closely it’s a puzzle pieces put together!

I must say this guy did an amazing job!!! He will change into funny poses when you take picture with him!! So hilarious to look at people taking photo with them without knowing he make some gesture and movement!

Singapore Trip148

ok now see his transformation!

Singapore Trip147The meh… facial expression!!

Me with the ubercool sunglasses….ahh the waiter photo bomb me!! ish…

Singapore Trip150

The event begin with these super creative performance!! You must watch them!! I assure you jaw dropping moment!

This lovely girl, Citra I met in the event, she is so down to earth! Had so much fun hanging out with her!

Singapore Trip152

Ben a very friend guy I met. He came with his wife and they are both amazing people I met in this trip!!!

Singapore Trip151Me and Ben enjoying our Champagne!

we also entertained by bunch of sexy ladies dance performance with some cute quirky conversation in between!! Really entertaining even when I watch this video again!

I’m getting hungry let feast with these yummy food…

Singapore Trip153These lobster are edible as they are NOT painting!!

The winner for the card design is announce and the designer is looking gorgeous!!! I am so jealous of her!! The winning design is the birdie which I voted!!! I know it will win!!!

Singapore Trip157

The rest of the night we were dancing to the tune, sipping champagne, selfie-ing and more delicious food!!

Singapore Trip159

hehehe Febri getting a lil high?

Singapore Trip156

with another sweet lady but I cant recall her name…sorry…

Singapore Trip158

We just keep on drinking champagne and dance all night long…  I really miss those moment…. So that’s all from me today… Gonna update another post on the Reverse Restaurant. Stay tuned!

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