Wedding Guest Attire for Men – Getting it Right

Spring/Summer Suits
For the bride and groom their wedding day is the most important of their lives. It is also a special day for their guests. People really look forward to helping the happy couple to celebrate their marriage.

In addition, most guests relish the chance to relax and catch up with friends and family. Many people also enjoy the fact that a special occasion, like a wedding, gives them the chance to buy a special outfit. They like to spend a little extra, so that they can look their best for this type of special occasion.
A special suit for a celebratory event
Many women take the opportunity to encourage their husbands, boyfriends or partners to buy a new suit. They enjoy helping them to buy something a bit different and love to see the main man in their lives look his very best.
For most men, a suit is the style of attire they feel most comfortable wearing to an occasion like a wedding. Suits look good on practically anyone, and once you find the right one it does not take too much effort to turn it into a special outfit. However, it is important that the suit be up to date, comfortable and that it fit perfectly.
Summer suits for men
Wearing a suit you already own
If a man already owns a good quality suit there is no harm in him wearing it for more than one wedding, provided he feels comfortable doing so. However, it is important that he get it out of the wardrobe, and try it on, well in advance of the event.
Doing so gives him a chance to spot any small flaws, and make sure that it still fits properly. That way if there are any issues he will have the chance to get them sorted out.
It also gives him the opportunity to go out and buy a nice new shirt, some decent shoes, and maybe a new tie to make 100% sure that he looks his best on the day. If the cut of the suit is outdated he can potentially go out and buy a more modern one, or have his existing suit re-tailored.
Buying a new suit
However, the fact that retailers like this one, sell really good quality suits at low prices, means that many men prefer to buy a new suit. These days it is not hard to find a nice, off the peg suit.
Many men´s clothing stores now sell cuts that are suitable for big and tall men. Often, they also give you the option to buy a suit as separate items. This makes it easy to buy a pair of trousers in one size and a jacket in a different size, should you need to do so.
Array of choices
Buying formal attire for a wedding
However, if you are attending a formal wedding and all male guests have been asked to wear a tuxedo it is usually best to hire that suit instead of buying it. After all, most men will only attend one or two events in their lifetime where this kind of attire is required. Therefore, buying a tuxedo will be a bit of a waste of money.
Fitted attire

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