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HaruHaru Wonder Series Review

Hello Loveliesss Have you been shopping last weekeng on the Singles Day? I surely did but trying to keep it minimal ?. Well if you are looking to tryout a new skincare, today I will be sharing this amazing HaruHaru Wonder Series Review. These cute coffee cup containes “Not Coffee” pun intended but highly intensive cream to ensure your skin look its best. Do not mistaken by the cream, the texture actually feels like gel but works like cream. These “cream’ can be absorbed into the skin in a few seconds.

The key highlight of HaruHaru Wonder Series is the Fermentation Technology used in developing the formulation. This fermentation technology has long adapted by Korean to maintain food freshness. In the past, medicines and cosmetics used by woman in Royal Chambers adopted the same method too. This trend has been growing in skincare formulation which ensure safe, non-invasive and harmless approach.


Developed by Korea’s top notch natural fermentation experts pf OK Bio Lab, HaruHaru debuts Malaysia with the HaruHaru Wonder Skincare Series & HaruHaru Prologue Mask Series. Both series will ensure your skin free from common signs of dull tone, aging, dry skin problems that most women have. How this fermentation works is that first it reduces the surface tension, breaks down the molecular structure of ingredients resulting in more concentrated nutrients which then will allows better in-depth and rapid absorption into cells. It does not just provide better absorption but also help retain moisture on the skin leaving it feeling smooth and cooling.

Are you convinced yet? Beside the Traditional Technology, HaruHaru also incorporated 5 Super Food as the key ingredient. I always said super food is a good source of energy for our body and it’s super healthy, in fact they do wonders to our skin too!!! with the King of Super Berry, the Maqui Berry, Fermented Honey & Green Tea Extracts as the main ingredient in the creams and mask your skin will be in good hands. HaruHaru formulation actually improves these Super Food power and benefit up to 8 times of it’s original form. Damnnnn, I am sold once again to HaruHaru while I’m typing this.

4 Reasons why WONDER Series is so Wonderful


Wonder’ aims to only use Natural Ingredients in the formulation. Like I mentioned earlier, Wonder Series contains Super Food where you get to enjoy antioxidant benefit (anti aging) from fermented maqui berry and anti inflammatory function (soothing skin trouble) from fermented green tea with honey.

Maqui Berry also known as “fruit of youth” originated from Chile. It has been named as Top 5 Superfood in 2017 by The Daily Telegraph. Maqui Berry contains high rate of anthocyanin, favonoid and polyphenol which is why it is better than other berries with excellent antioxidant function.


Maqui Berries

Image by Google Image

The pairing of Green Tea & Honey prevents skin from UV lights and this combo is also highly inflammatory improving skin elasticity. Green tea also help to reduce pore size and repair wrinkle formed on skin.


Wonder’ aims to only adopt excellent fermentation formula. This unique fermentation process transforms raw ingredients into a more flexible configuration for the skin to absorb. Do you know fermented ingredients is softer in texture and increase skin absorption rate to facilitate recovery from deep under the skin.


Do you know the lactobacillus fermented maqui berry contains higher antioxidant substance compared to the non fermented ones. The antioxidants substance helps to deeply repair skin damage.

HaruHaru uses fermented Boseong Green tea which contains abundance of polyphenol, flavoid, amino acid and vitamin. It is then combine with anti inflammatory honey to provide powerful moisturizing and repairing effects on the skin.


Wonder’ aims to enhanced absorbency with natural liposome technology. This technology is a biotechnological delivery system that transfer active ingredients deep into the skin.

The patented bio-technology transform phospholipids, one of skin mebrane components into smaller molecular and forms a hollow sphere structure with naturally derived materuals. This technology contaiuns high proliferation of key substance due to it’s bubble-like structure and natural material.



Wonder’ aims for a unique designs that blends into everyday lifestyle. Wonder Cream is inspired by a take-away coffee cup that stays along your day like a cup of coffee.

The Wonder cup can be re-purpose into flower vase or even stationary holder. The environment friendly designs allows you to plant some indoor plant or even succulent.

Look how pretty is the cup matched to the colourful flowers? I’m in love!


All Wonder Cream range produced similar signature scent produced from nature derived ingredients which presents instant healing on exhausted skin. I fell in love with the scent on first try…. It’s the type of soothing but still refreshing. I love having this scent just before I go to bed. It puts me in a zen mode ?.

Now are you excited to find out the 4 different range available?

Just to note that all 4 type of cream can be used to target different skin problem. You can use Aqua Bomb for day and Repairative Cream for night time or vice versa or use both at the same time. In addition, HaruHaru aims to produce skincare that can be used on both women and men. So, you Oppa can try this to ensure their skin stay K-flawless!!


HaruHaru  Wonder Maqui Berry Anti Oxidant Cream & Mask

This range will revert your skin youth. Bye Bye wrinkle and dull skin. Contains Niacinamide, Adenosine contained brightening, anti wrinkle functional cosmetic. It has refreshing scent with soft gel alike texture.

Easily absorbed onto skin. Well in fact all wonder series cream (look more like gel actually) are all very easily absorbed. Aqua Bomb has the lightest texture while Repairative cream is thickest. Anti Oxidant & Brilliant Cream has similar texture.

Main Ingredient: Fermented Maqui Berry

Key Benefit: Anti-Aging and antioxidant effect

Mask sheet material: Non-chlorine-bleaching crocel cotton sheet

HaruHaru  Wonder Honey Green Repairative Cream & Mask

This range will repair and revitalize skin. The liposome technology used in this formulation will delivers active ingredients to in-depth skins.

Main Ingredient: Fermented Green Tea & Honey

Key Benefit: Skin trouble prevention & repairing

Mask sheet material: Non-chlorine-bleaching crocel cotton sheet

HaruHaru  Wonder Honey Green Aqua Bomb Cream & Mask

This cream is for thirsty skin, ensuring your skin fully hydrated entire day.

Main Ingredient: Fermented Green Tea & Honey

Key Benefit: Skin repairing & moisturizing

Mask sheet material:  Environmental Friendly Moso Bamboo Charcoal Sheet


HaruHaru  Wonder Honey Green Brilliant Cream & Mask

Do you want your fav K-Idol glow? This is the one that will blind your oppa eyes! Max glow!!

Main Ingredient: Fermented Green Tea & Honey

Key Benefit: Skin repairing & brightening

Mask sheet material:  Environmental Friendly Moso Bamboo Charcoal Sheet



These cream available in two size 38g (tube form) & 88g (coffee cup form). I like the both packaging, the tube one is really convenient for travelling.


I tried all cream and boy I love them a lotttt….At first I was so worried that the cream will be too thick for me…You know all my product at gel form. Even my night cream also gel form. These cream absorb so well and keep my skin very moisturized. I have been using the Antioxidant one on my night routine and really love how cooling and refreshing the scent is. On the anti aging effect I gotta try it longer to see if it works. Will be back for update.

During the workshop we also run a test on HaruHaru Wonder Series cream to see how moisturizing it is on the bread.


You can see the side with HaruHaru Wonder Series cream is less burnt. The one on the second from left is badly burned! The most right one, I think I can guess the brand and I think I owns it too. Quite close to HaruHaru ones but at the bottom has more burnt spot.

You can buy all mask in box of 5 with same range or buy the Wonder 4 in 1 starter Kit where you can try all 4 sheet mask!


So I far I tried the brilliant mask which I really love. It’s really cooling on my skin. Even after I remove the mask the remaining essence on my skin still feel really minty and cooling. I did not even placed it in the fridge. It’s not sticky but yet very moisturizing. This is the only mask where I leave the essence left from the mask on skin without rinsing off. Usually I rinse off everythign before I apply my night cream. The absorption level of this mask is amazing. Also can we talk about the bamboo sheet? My god the texture were really soft and adhere so well on my skin!!! New love!!!

HaruHaru  Wonder Prologue Mask Series

There is also another Super Heroes HaruHaru Wonder Prologue Mask Series. The concept behind these mask is super cute and creative. This mask range is targeted  for young, fun and vibrant users. The Super Heroes on the Mask Sheet cover will fight to fixes various skin problems.

These mask is made from ultra microfiber with ultra concentrated ampoule.

Each HaruHaru Prologue sheet contains a bottle of ampoule (25ml). Wowww thats a lot heh? The microfiber material is very thin which fits like second skin and deliver nutrients to skin better compared to cotton material.

HaruHaru Prologue Maqui Berry Lifting Mask contains fermented Maqui Berry with antioxidants which help produce wrinkle free and firm skin.

HaruHaru Prologue Maqui Berry Brightening Mask reduces wrinkles and fine lines at the same time brightens skin.

HaruHaru Prologue Maqui Berry Soothing Mask infused with Fermented Maqui Berry for sensitive skin.

HaruHaru Prologue Maqui Berry Moisture Mask best choice for those who has dry dehydrated skin. After using the mask your skin will feel revitalized and fresh.

HaruHaru Skincare series are available for sale at various SenHeng Outlets and coming soon in 2019 in Watsons store nationwide.

You might ask SenHeng? Remember I mention that HaruHaru aims to provide skincare for mens too? SenHeng is targeting mens who are into gadgets!

You can also purchase these skin care  through I-Pine Website.

Alright I think I shall end here….Thank you for dropping by my blog and reading my HaruHaru Wonder Series Review.


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