3 Common Wedding Reception Woes And How To Fix Them

Your wedding reception is a huge part of your big day and demands lots of attention. It’s where the celebrations start, and everyone can let their hair down and have some fun.

Having said that, there are a few common problems that happen at some receptions from time to time. I’ve listed the top three down below, along with some words of wisdom to help you fix them.

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Most Of The Guests Are Late

If you have to travel far to get to the reception from the ceremony, then there’s every chance your guests can be late. This is because they get lost on the way, or end up stuck in traffic, or maybe pop to a shop to pick something up – whatever. It makes it hard to get on with the day as everyone is arriving at staggered times and you have to wait around for the last stragglers.

Now, you can fix this issue with one simple solution; make everyone travel together. Organize some transport, and your whole wedding guest list can go from the ceremony to the reception. A party bus, like the ones shown here could be a great idea for transport. Alternatively, you could just hire standard coaches or buses to bring everyone to the location. Either way, you ensure everyone arrives on time, and you can get on with the celebration.

Your Gown Is Too Long To Dance In

Having a long and luxurious wedding gown looks gorgeous as you walk down the aisle, but can be an utter pain to dance in. So much so that you worry about tripping and falling, or even tripping your husband up. This makes it very hard to perform your first dance, leading to a very awkward moment when the music starts.

Thankfully, there is a way you can fix this with absolute ease. The trick is buying a wedding dress that has a detachable skirt. You can see examples of some gorgeous ones here if you need some inspiration. The idea with these dresses is you have a nice long skirt to trail down the aisle, but it comes off for the reception to reveal a more simple dress that you can dance in.

The Tables Have Been Mixed Up

It’s everyone’s nightmare to get to your reception and find that the tables have been mixed up and people are sitting with the wrong people. This can happen if you leave the nameplates with the staff at the location and they make an error.

To sort this out and ensure it doesn’t happen, send someone to the reception ahead of everyone else. They can do a double and triple check of the tables, guaranteeing that everyone is sitting where they’re supposed to be.

Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with these issues on your wedding day as you now know how to fix them! For more wedding reception advice, why don’t you read my article here You’ll find some great ideas and inspiration for different reception venues.

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