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La Petales Decleor Facial Review @ SS2

I am always Decleor product fan and I must day I love their facial a lot too. I especially love Aromaplasty facial because it’s so revitalizing and purifying at the same time. Few week back I discover another facial place that are really near to my workplace and best part is that they are using Decleor product. La Petale is located in SS2 and they provide facial treatment using Decleor product.

When I arrive at La Petales, I was greeted with a cup of soothing tea pour in a beautiful floral cup.

Last week I went to try their Aroma Massage Facial… Need not to mention the massage were so good….. Now let me explain the steps involved in this facial and what makes me purchase more facial treatment from them. When I make purchase you know it’s that good! Here is how the facial room look like…Very relaxing and cozy decor.


Facial Steps

The facial begin with eye soothing step where a warm eye mask is placed on my eyes to sooth my sore eyes.

Then she cleanse my face with cleansing milk to remove all make up away.

After which she follow with double cleanse to remove any remaining makeup traces. She also clean my neck area which I like, most facial I went never did.

Just before the cool steam, she had apply scrub on my face which helps remove dead skin which makes extraction easier. Then, cool steam is used to soften my skin preparing for extraction later.And then double cleanse follow by cool steam. They uses cool steam instead of hot ones. This because it would not further aggregate the skin but nourish the skin as most of the steam created is highly moisturizing for the skin. The scrub applied before hand also act as a mask during the cool steam step. 

As usual, extraction followed after cool steam. I find it’s not as easy to extract out the black & white heads compare to hot steam but cool steam is better for our skin. 

I always feel relieved and happy after extraction. She follow on with face and shoulder massage using facial balm made from ylang ylang. Ylang Ylang help to detox and purify the skin. The massages techniques she use also help detoxify the skin.

Finally, she apply aloe vera mask to sooth the skin and also provide deep hydration. They places a gel mask on top of my face to secure the mask in place which is really good for all the mask nutrition to absorb into my skin.


I really enjoy the cool steam and the detoxification massage. The cool steam feel really comfortable and no hard to breath like how hot steam does. The massage technique were very relaxing too… Feels like all the stress has been remove from my body. 


Sally told me they also have a special mood room feature for their guest where the color of the light in the room will be change according to each customer. So interesting, I sure wanna try that the next round!

La Petales also provide body + Face treatment package where you can have a nice relaxing bath just before the facial. I intend to try that out next time.

If you interested to try out facial in La Petales, give them a call to make a booking. They will give you a special first trial price.

Alright I think I will end my review here… See you in the next post.

La Petales

9, Jalan PJU 5/4,

SS 2, Petaling Jaya,

47810 Selangor.

Tel:  03-7496 4804



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