Romantic Gift Ideas for your Loved One

Whether a birthday, anniversary, or even Valentine’s Day, there are times in the year when we show our partner how we feel by giving a suitable gift.

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When thinking of what to buy her, you really can’t go wrong with diamond jewellery, and with that in mind, here are some great romantic diamond gift ideas that are guaranteed to be warmly received.

  • Diamond Earrings – Ideal for birthdays and anniversaries, armed with your knowledge of her jewellery preferences, you can have a pair of diamond earrings designed and created by a specialist jeweller. If would like to view a wide selection of certified diamonds, check out the affordable deals at who are Australia’s leading diamond merchant. If you buy the diamonds at trade price, this will save you some money, and with a good idea on her taste in jewellery, you can have a pair of earrings commissioned.
  • Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal – There’s no better time to pop that magic question, and if the date happens to coincide with your intentions, why not? Proposing on Valentine’s Day demands a creative approach, and with a custom-made diamond engagement ring and the right setting, you can give your partner a Valentine’s Day gift she will never forget. If you need some inspiration, there is a list of romantic proposal ideas that are sure to elicit the right response. Most men prefer to have the ring custom made, and with trade price diamonds that can be purchased online, it isn’t difficult to find a reputable jeweller who will create the ring to your specifications.

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  • Charm Bracelet – Buying her a special charm bracelet makes for the perfect Christmas or birthday gift. If you really want to impress, why not have some diamonds added? Most jewellers can inset diamonds into a jewellery item and with online dealers in quality diamonds, you can select something suitable and have the stones added to the charm bracelet. If she has a charm bracelet, that’s OK, as many women have several, and any diamond encrusted charm bracelet would always take preference, ensuring she always wears this special gift.
  • Diamond Necklace – As you know her dress and jewellery style, you can surprise her with a stunning diamond necklace, with perhaps a single pendant style diamond on a gold chain. Many people mistakenly assume that having a jewellery item designed and made is a lot more expensive, and if you buy the stones from a reputable diamond dealer, you can secure a lower than retail price, and with the help of an experienced jeweller, the necklace will be a one-off.

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Diamonds are always a good choice when thinking of a suitable gift for your partner, and if you have the item designed and crafted by a jeweler, she will be more than thrilled to know the trouble you took to ensure she got the perfect gift. Diamonds are also a good investment, and like gold, the value tends to appreciate over time, and whenever making any diamond purchase, it is essential that the stone comes with GIA certification, which is a globally recognised benchmark of quality.

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