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Hotels Now and Then: A History of The Hotel Business

Over the last twenty years or so, hotels have really upped their game. There are millions of locations all over the world that anyone can check in to, and the larger strings of hotels typically brag that there is always available rooms for those of us who may urgently need a place to stay.

What do hotels offer now that they didn’t twenty years ago?

Hotels used to be a place that you checked into to sleep, a place to keep your luggage while you explored around the local town. Nowadays, we would call this a B&B (bed and breakfast). Don’t get me wrong, some smaller hotels still only offer this, but today I’m referencing larger chains. An image that used to shroud hotels was the thought of dirty bed sheets, cramped and dusty rooms and a curfew. Hotels these days, have no curfew as there is staff on site 24/7 and the rooms are normally large and luxurious. Beds and rooms are cleaned daily by a dedicated member of staff so that you’re able to relax during your stay.


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Types of hotels

There are a few types of hotels that all offer the same deal, a place to stay. However, some hotels tend to cater towards a specific clientele.

Well known hotels like The Holiday Inn have many different facilities like entertainment in the evenings, a restaurant, bar, gyms, swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, kids play areas, business meeting rooms and much more. This type of hotel is aimed at everyone. They’re usually very family friendly and at the same time can offer peace and quiet if you need it.

Another increasingly popular type of hotel are airport hotels like Best Western Plus Airport Hotel and Suites. This is because they are so conveniently close to the airport. For example, if you were planning on taking a trip and you needed to catch a flight, but you live miles away from the airport, you can choose to book into an airport hotel the night before, or if you want, a few days running up to your flight. They are also useful for business meetings if some of the participants have had to fly in. It means they can take their flight and almost immediately be at their business meeting, with the added bonus of a place to stay! Airport hotels offer the same sort of amenities as regular hotels too, so you’re not missing out on any luxury. These hotels are often aimed at business clients but are open to other visitors too.

Resort hotels are also very handy for holidaymakers because they normally have all inclusive deals and family packages. It’s really easy to find a great deal on Trip Advisor.


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One thing that all hotels have in common is that they want to make your trip as smooth as possible. If you want to ensure you have a super easy trip, then make sure you take a look at this checklist to follow before you travel!

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