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5 Tips For Throwing a Hen Party When You’re Not a Natural Party Person

Our friends are some of the most important people in our lives, and if one of them gets engaged, it might be up to you to throw a hen party in honor of her last days of freedom. However, this can be anxiety-inducing, especially if you’re not a natural party planner. In this blog post, we’ll offer a cheat sheet to ensure that A. Everyone has a good time, B. it’s a hen party to remember, and C. you’re congratulated on your party-planning skills!

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Think of the Bride

OK, first thing’s first: think of the bride. There are a million and one things that you can do on a hen party, and there are few “classic hen activities” you can scroll through as well. However, it’s not about following a cliche: it’s about doing what the hen would enjoy. Have a think about what kind of person they are and what the enjoy doing. From there, you’ll be able to pick a destination and select the right “tone” for the weekend.

Touches of Quality

Above anything else, a hen party should be fun and make your hen feel like a million dollars. She should be spoiled. It’s a good idea to book everyone in for a spa treatment during the day, during which the bride and the other attendees are pampered and made to feel great. In the evening, continue the classy vibe by adding a touch of splendor. Hire luxury transportation from a company like FL Limousine and make your way to an upscale restaurant in the city you’re visiting. When there, skip the usual beer swigging and shots of liquor; fancy cocktails and wine bars should be the order of the night.

Mix Up the Activities

It’s not all about eating and drinking (it’s a shame, we know). A hen weekend is about fun! While your classy outings can take up the evenings, during the second day have some fun and do an activity that people don’t usually do. Things like escape rooms, treasure hunts, outdoor activities, and the like all get people up, active, and laughing. These are especially good at getting everything involved and talked, which is necessary if people who don’t each other are on the hen weekend.

Keep it a Surprise

Your hen can have a small amount of input on the weekend, but the majority of plans should be kept a secret. Ask them who they’d like to be there and anything they particularly do or don’t want to do; from there, all the planning is up to you. When the hen arrives, you can reveal some of the things you’ll be doing over the weekend if you like, but keep one or two things back as an added surprise.

Be Enthusiastic

You can stress about organizing a hen party, but the truth is that the hen will have a great time if all her friends are there and having fun! So put on a big smile and muster all the enthusiasm you can, and it’ll be a great weekend.

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