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Pro Hair Dressing Team Salon Deep Layer Moisture Treatment Review

Taking care of my hair has been a important things for me to do on regular basis now…. It’s a tragic to go out with hair looking like lion manes… Recently I discover this new salon Pro Hair Dressing Team in Sunway Taipan! The salon has a minimal design but with really cozy and happy vibes!! I just feel good walking into it!

So I am going to share with you this hair treatment I tried at Pro Hair Dressing Team which is called Deep Layer Moisture Treatment.

Deep Layer
I tried this deep layer before this and I really really loves it… You can checkout my previous review here. and I am trying it for second time… Honestly, the first time trial was really good but the second time trying the result are even more impressive…. It’s been almost 3 weeks now since the treatment and trust me it’s really moisturizing to my hair…. I have NEVER, YES never felt the feeling of a virgin hair for yearsss ever since I start dyeing and bleaching my hair. For once, after this treatment, the feeling of virgin hair is back… I kept playing, twisting and combing my hair with my fingers for days because it feel so soft and smooth…. I have no idea how it can be so smooth!!!!!!!! It must have to do with the deep layer formula of the treatment!!!

Beside the powerful deep layer treatment result I must shout out to the Stephen the salon owner as he is really down to earth!!!!! I love chatting with him… I enjoy my entire time at the salon!!

I am not going to repeat the steps involve in the deep layer treatment as it’s exactly same with the previous place I did!! You can check them out here. However, I will show a brief description of this treatment in case you girls has no idea at this treatment at all…

Another thing I want to highlight is that I love getting my hair wash in this salon! Their massage is so good and I appreciate salon that wash my hair in front of mirror sitting down rather than on the sink to save time…. Oh I also like that they let me wear a kimino to avoid any chemical or hair product in contact with my cloths… Kimono is so much more convenient and comfy… No need to be clip all the time…

After the treatment my hair remain soft and smooth just like my virgin hair for a month!! I really love how my hair feelss after the treatment….. Look at the hair texture in below picture…. It look so soft and pretty!
If you stay nearby Subang or Puchong, do checkout Pro Hair Team Salon. Highly recommended!!!!!!!! This hair treatment cost RM 250.00 NP and for first trial RM 98!! Go try it out now!!!

They also doing promotion for other hair treatment.. You can definitely check it out!!

Pro Hair Team Salon
58G, Jalan USJ 10/1B, 47620, UEP Subang Jaya, Selangor

Tel : 03-56369222

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