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HOPP Cafe @ Nadayu 28, Sunway

Hey everyone. It’s back to munch time and this time around, we are heading to a cafe. A growing trend of hipster cafe, HOPP Cafe would be ideal for those social media sharing pictures with their wide range menu that might be of interest to some.

Located at Nadayu 28, Sunway which is easily identify from its corner location and bright colour of the logo.


The design and theme is very much in touch of the modern adaptation for natural light and yes, a ideal photo session. The decoration and fittings does brings out positive vibes that might help over a cup of coffee, perhaps.

HOPP Cafe – Interior

So without further adieu, lets dig in.

Served on a hot plate, Portobello Mushroom & Deutsch Sausage Paella is a delight of flavours. The dish is combination of oven smoked jumbo Deustch sausage, roasted bell peppers, sweet peas, cafe’s unique spice, coriander, garlic oil and the specially imported aroz rice. The evident strong smoke taste of the sausage and blend of the garlic oil brings out the aroma.

Portobello Mushroom & Deutsch Sausage Paella RM 15.90 

Fresh out of the water and into the hot pan is the Fresh Garlic Tiger Prawn, the prawn texture is tangy with the shell removed for convenience. The combination of olive oil infused spice and sweet paprika gives a distinct aroma that might appeal to some though the prawn is drenched in the olive oil which deter some from having it.

Fresh Garlic Tiger Prawn RM 14.00 

We had the Garlic Prawn Pizza. A blend of soft texture on the dough and thin crust that makes every bite crunchy and mouthful. The saturated taste of the garlic butter prawn infused into the the pizza compliments with the topping of tomato couls, parmesan cheese, rocket salad, shimeji mushroom & oregano.

Garlic Prawn Pizza RM 16.90

Another in their menu is HOPP Spaghettini Vongole. The light and fresh taste from the combination olive oil, fresh chive and wine which is a good combination that goes well with a glass if you may, A glass of Chardonnay. The clams is surprising tasty and fresh while the shimeji mushroom provides the tangy texture with the pasta. Ideal for the a light and breezy day.

HOPP Spaghettini Vongole RM 17.90

Sharing heritage from Spain is the Malaga Seafood Paella. It’s serve with seafood galore of tiger prawn, clam, squid while the spices of roasted peppers & garlic, saffron, shallot,  garlic chili oil, & aroz rice to compliment the blend in taste  which has a tinge of spice.

Malaga Seafood Paella RM 19.90 

We had their Roasted Pumpkin Soup which is tad different from the regular. The pumpkin is marinated with Bombay spice and oven roasted to draw the essence. It’s serve with garlic butter crouton and their homemade Italian gnocchi. The spice is evident though mild.

Roasted Pumpkin Soup RM 9.90 

English Fish & Chips is also to look out for as the soft texture of the seabass fillet (Yes, they use seabass instead of regular dory fillet to maintain the quality and freshness in taste) envelop in the lightly batter which is fried till outer crust is crispy and served with the fresh garden salad and fries along with their homemade tartar sauce. 
English Fish & Chips RM 21.00

Getting a dose of their house mocktails, Sangria. Being zero alcohol Sangria where wine is specially from Middle East to concoct this drink. Hindsight of a punch that makes it comparable to the actually alcohol infused Sangria. 

Desserts are something that some might agree which there is room for desserts after a hearty meal and the desserts would certain entice the taste buds.
Erupting from within is the “Warm Chocolate Lava Cake“. The cake is said to contain 70% cocoa dark chocolate (Appeals to many chocolate lover out there) with orange ganache and serve white gelato. The soft moist of the composition maintains the warm chocolate within. The taste is balanced and is great for another coffee. They have also a few variants of cakes which is from a known cake house in Singapore that entices many sweet tooth lovers.
Warm Chocolate Lava Cake RM 8.90

Warm Chocolate Lava Cake (Lava Flow)


Queen of Hearts RM 11.90

The Modern Duke’s Pudding RM 11.90

Over The Moon RM 11.90

The Russian Whiskers RM 11.90

Getting a fix for the day with their coffee. Apparently the espresso shot is serve separately with the milk which you can actually pour your own into the cup to form your very own coffee art (Well easy said than done) and also allows you to control the amount of milk. 
HOPP Cafe would be ideal for regular meal or just another weekend hangout place. Natural light would appeal to social media lovers for those pictures. Ample space and cozy sitting that would be good for those on the go. So check out the place on the next outing. 
10A, Nadayu 28 Dagang, Jalan PJS 11/7,
Bandar Sunway. Subang Jaya
Contact : 03-5613 3366
Operating Hours: 
Daily 11am-10pm
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