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Our Love for SUKI-YA

How was your week huh?? Our week is cray cray with back to back meet up and events….

We have no idea why but we have so much love for Suki-Ya, a steamboat restaurant. We visit the restaurant average once per month. If allowed we wouldn’t mind going every week.. It’s so so so delicious but going every week will make us go broke hahhaha… I guess one of the reason we love it so much is because of the soup… They have the sukiyaki soup, the sweet soup base that we always get when we order Beef Sukiyaki in any Japanese restaurant. We are fan of sukiyaki are you? Also the fact that it’s buffet means that we can have unlimited food without spending more money…. I remember before Suki-Ya open, most steamboat restaurant does not provide unlimited meat slice order. Thus, when Suki-Ya opened, we were so happy that we can feast on the meat slice without any limit. We like to go to the Paradigm outlet because of it’s more spacious. According to my friend the Mont Kiara branch is also good because their ingredient is always fresh. At paradigm some of the time the seafood like the clam were not so fresh and the clam they used have is no longer available. Are you a fan of Suki-Ya like us too? or you have not tried Suki-Ya? You should really go try it, because there is no other restaurant or food that could make us so addicted before.. never before…. We just LOVE it so so much…

So below are some of the photos I take using my iphone on recent visit to Suki-Ya… Sorry some of the pictures is quite blur because of the low lighting….

Sukiya Steamboat6
We usually go for Sukiyaki and Miso soup…and always ask for Sesame dressing..It goes well with all the ingredients..

While waiting for your food to cook, you feed yourself with sushi..yumsss

Sukiya Steamboat9

below are some of my favourite ingredient pick… Actually I like all of them but I specifically like these below…

This huge artificial crab claw taste similar to crabstick but better…..

Sukiya Steamboat15

The springy lobster ball!!

Sukiya Steamboat10

Chewy and pop beef ball….Careful, the juice inside might burn your tongue…

Sukiya Steamboat11

Oyster king mushroom is my favourite.. I always buy them to cook at home too..Oh and the fresh shitake mushroom….love the aroma..

Sukiya Steamboat12

This white radish and pumpkin is my favourite ingredient to make the soup sweeter and at the end I will eat them as they filled with the taste from the soup….

Sukiya Steamboat13

On our last visit we spotted this new frozen scallop….it has become our new favourite now…

Sukiya Steamboat14

and these mince meat is available on order…Just tell the staff you want it and they will send to your table..

Sukiya Steamboat7

and off course we love beef and lamb slices but I did not snap a picture la…it’s all in our tummy d……

and last but not least, the matcha ice cream….mmmmphhhhhh so good..

Sukiya Steamboat8

We normally like to go during lunch time because it is cheaper..hhehe….If you like Suki-Ya too, share with us your favourite soup and ingredients…


okie la..that’s all from me today..just a short updates…hehe… If you also like Suki-Ya like we do let me know in comment below..What is your favourite soup and ingredient?

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