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Shabu Ten @ One Utama

I guess you guys know that we are fan of steamboat buffet by now… We always on the hunt for new steamboat buffet splace especially shabu shabu style. Few weeks back, while shopping in One Utama, we found this Shabu Ten hidden at a corner nearby rainforest area. We did not try that day but few days later Thomas went to try with his family and he came back telling how awesome it is and that is way better than our favourite Sukiya. So I said let’s go again this weekend as Im excited to see what it got to offer!!

p/s: sorry for the poor quality picture…taken using iphone

So there is three type of soup to choose, Chicken, Tom Yum and Kim Chi. We go for Chicken & Tom Yum. Then the dishes is served on top of a magnetic belt, so you can pick any dishes you like from the bely just like how you pick sushi. if there is something you want that are not on the belt, you can always order from the stack of paper they place on the table top.


We really love the quality of the seafood serve here, especially the scallop… We wack quite a number of scallop… There is also blue musscle, bamboo clam, prawn and squid to choose from… For those who love meat slices, there is pork, beef and lam to choose too!!!

There is also various type of agemono (deep fried food) like tempura prawn, chicken wings(this is the best, our favourite), gyoza, chicken karaage and fried squid. We really enjoy this agemono section. Oh there is also Okonomiyaki…yumsss

All sort of vegetables available to go with you seafood and meat feast.

Oh another favourite, chawanmushi!!! Omg one of the reason I chose Shabu Ten over Sukiya! Serve in a Steaming Gas burner to ensure your chawanmushi is kept warm;

To end your meal, there is also chocolate fondue… I must say, you have to try this fondue because the chocolate is really delicious..

I even pour some over my matcha ice cream!! I’m a happy kid now! Take note their ice cream is on rotation, other day it will be vanilla & chocolate ice cream. It brings to mind the ice-cream i’ve had at Village BBQ & Steamboat in Kepong.

I would say that both Sukiya & Shabu Ten has it’s own attractiveness and both offer different thing that will continue to lure us to dine in from time to time… For Sukiya, the thing we love is their unbeatable sukiya soup and the thick and huge slices of meat…. Non of the steamboat buffet we tried so far can beat sukiya meat. Sukiya matcha ice cream is one of the better ones too… Down point is that there don’t have much seafood to choose from. Shabu Ten on the hand win Sukiya over variety of food, agemono, chawan mushi, fresh seafood and chocolate fondue… But Sukiya soup taste way better than Shabu Ten. So yeah your choice, for me I will go to both….

Shabu Ten
Lot 337 & 338,
1st Floor rainforest (new wing), 1 Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7492 2148 / 012-2326844
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 11:00 – 22:00
Rm29.90 for lunch (11am – 3.59pm) | RM 39.90 for Dinner (4pm – 10pm)

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