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Edo Ramen @ Mid Valley City

Hey foodies, we’re back again with something cooking up from the kitchen or rather the kitchen of Edo Ramen that might just pique those insatiable appetites of the gourmet cells. Located at the former Goku Ramen (Replacing the prior, Check out the previous post here) in Mid Valley City. The revamp is made possible as both come under the same management company which sees much potential to cultivate Edo Ramen into a brand for the mass market.


Front Entrance



Often in our daily hectic schedule, we seek out a fuss-free and easygoing environment for a quick meal which prove to be much of a challenge as everywhere is packed. The setup of Edo Ramen offers that. The bright contrast from the lighting presents a bright and soft ambience for a confortable casual dining. The sitting area have been rearranged to accommodate more space for patrons.


Table sitting

Edo Ramen introduces Malaysians to Tokyo-style original Handmade Japanese Ramen, a unique recipe by notable ramen connoisseur Mr Tetsuya Fukino. There is 4 types of soups and 2 categories of toppings depending on personal preference to choose from. All of the soup is said to be boiled over seven hours which would expect rich and aromatic flavour condensed into the soup.


Boiling the soup

We start off with the Ultimate Gyukotsu, which we favour it as it is not as oily and taste better with the miso aroma which complements the various toppings. This is Edo’s latest addition as it is served with beef instead of the regular pork or chicken.


Ultimate Gyukotsu – RM 15.90 (Promo)
RM 17.90 (Normal Price)

Next is the Ultimate Black Tonkotsu. The broth is made of pork bones boiled over medium to high heat for more than 12 hours where the essence is extracted and emulsifies to creamy consistency and hearty flavour. Along with the ultimate topping comes with the tender, succulent char siew, kakuni (braised pork belly), lava egg, naruto(Japanese fish cake), seaweed, pakchoy, sweet corn and spring onions, it is just definitive of delicious for those hungry tummies. The black oil has tad charred taste as it is derived from kuro oil. We love it the most and the Kakuni (Braised pork belly) is so delicious.


Ultimate Black Tonkotsu – RM 17.90

After a glorious rich tasting servings, it’s time for something mild with the Miso Ramen. Served in their Tonkotsu blended with miso, the broth is slightly sweet, thick in texture and very tasty. The taste tends to be robust and tangy which makes it a great complement to a variety of delicious toppings that comes with tender succulent char siew, pakchoy, sweet corn and spring onions. Ideal for those that prefer something light and easy on flavours.


Miso Ramen – RM 10.90

Going easy, we have the Pan-Fried Gyoza. The taste and texture is retained (Check out our previous post here) though they have revised the number pieces and price. Ideal for sides while still contemplating on what to order on the mains.

EdoRamen0018 Pan-Fried Gyoza – RM 4.90

We have the Boiled Gyoza. The texture is soft and it is served with sesame seeds, chilli oil and sprinkles chopped spring onions on the top. A tinge of spice from the oil and moderate in flavour.

Boiled Gyoza – RM 4.90

The ‘Aburi Char Siew’ is definite must-try as the soft textures and thin slices, akin to melt in the mouth which spells delicious in that context.


Aburi Char Siew – RM 11.90

As part of their new concept, Edo Ramen offers their ramen at reasonable prices starting from RM9.90 per bowl and their ultimate versions are priced from RM15.90 to RM17.90.

SUK00200 GRR A3 Menu V16 FA embed_(behind)

Menu prices

Got your ramen cravings? Go on ahead satisfied those cravings with Edo Ramen’s selection of ramen that might just what you need.


Edo Ramen
Lot S025 & Lot S026,
Level 2, Mid Valley Megamall,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03 – 2201 8779
Business hours
10.00 am– 10.00 pm


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