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So tell me what do you think when you see the word RING?? What you think when you see someone wearing RING?

RING is more than an accessories or fashion statement but it symbolize love of two people committed to love each other as long as they live.

Women look forward to the day to get the perfect man, knee down and put the ring on her…

Many of my friends wish it were at least a carat or bigger diamonds!! Do you have the same thoughts? Well, i think I am bit rare here…. I don’t want any diamond ring, in fact no ring is fine for me…. First I don’t like wearing rings… My finger is so fat and it look ugly wearing a ring! So I told my the other half if he is planning to propose please go buy those stainless steel ring just to follow the tradition la.. You get what I mean? In fact I ever ask him if he can use necklace instead? He said nooooooooo …… I tell him save the diamond rings money for me to shop or go for an amazing honeymoon will be a better idea!!! I love the meaning behind the ring but maybe I dot need an expensive ring because I might end up no wearing them… I have an diamond ring from my ex before and it end up in my drawer for many years now un-touched….

I don’t know why I don’t like wearing those ring but lately I have fallen in love with Midi Ringsss… it’s weirdddd…. I start hunting for Midi Rings that can fit my fingers! Yesterday while I’m driving in KL area saw Jessica posted that Blazer in H&M is selling at RM 20!!!!

My brain got freezeee for a while and then I remember there’s a H&M in Avenue K so I just made a stop by the road side…. and hop in for a quick shopping!!!! The sale is quite massive!! but I only gotten a crop top and Midi Ring!!!! I am still on a strict shopping ban so I cant buy too many!! Sorry picture a little bit blur because it was taken from my phone….

Oh by the way the crop top is only RM 20!! I also saw another stripe summer dress in well flare shape selling at RM 20 too!! Something like the below one but sleeveless (with spaghetti string)

Well I can’t explain why but I love midi rings but not the single type of ring….. So if you ask me again will I ever want a one carat diamond ring? I’d said no… Give me One Carat worth of Holidays Packages!!!! 

andd yess, I guess I will get more midi rings!! Later I go to One Utama to hunt for bargains at H&M again!! If you are heading there let me know, we can shop together!! Alright just some random thoughts update today… Share with me your thoughts on RINGS!!! Bye Bye for now!

” Question: Is it a must to be a Diamond Ring for your wedding? Do you love to wear ring all the time? “



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