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Hammam Tearoom @ Publika

Hey there lovelies, what have you been catching lately? For me, I am really excited to share with you of my exotic dining experience at Hammam Tearoom that serve authentic Moroccan cuisine. Yes, Authentic.

Hammam Tea Room34

It’s located at the G4 level of the red zone inside of Publika Shopping Mall which I walked from the blue zone to the red zone.

Hammam TeaRoom_019

As I make my way towards the tearoom, I couldn’t help noticing a row of red walls that is beautifully arched window filled with white flowery motive grills…. Pretty unique decor theme which brings the Moorish architecture to life.

Hammam Tea Room11

The entire tearoom were constructed using material specifically imported from Morocco itself and I must say the morocco elements with bright and colourful wall paintings, lantern, wooden door and furniture is really captivating… It’s so beautiful as in I am at Morocco itself. The tearoom is a replicate of Moroccan Riad (countryard house), therefore as you walk in, you will be greeted with a huge wood folding doors and welcomed by a heart warming living room and you will be dining at the area similar to terrace section in the Moroccan riad filled with typical lemon wood furniture.

Hammam TeaRoom_010 Authentic Morocco Wooden Door
image The living Hall
Hammam TeaRoom_009The dining tables at Hammam Tearoom

The bar is an actual replica of a traditional herbal tea stall that can be found in Djem elfna, the largest marketplace is Marakesh.

Hammam TeaRoom_004 The restaurant interior

Hammam tearoom belong to Hammam Spa which has been operated for 8years now… Have you every try Hammam Spa? It’s something that you should as it is entirely different from any spa that you might find in other spa center’s. You gotta try it yourself to experience its wonderful spa! The owner thought it will be a great idea to to open a restaurant just beside the spa so customer can move over for a delicious serving of authentic Moroccan dishes after their pampering session. Ingenious for a day of pure indulgence..

Everything that I’ve tried that night, touch, and see is very new to me… Every single item in Hammam Tearoom are made according to Moroccan elements and designs. When I arrive, I was served with their signature Moroccan Mint Tea. It is a combination blend of Gunpowder Tea, Peppermint Tea, Thyme & Sage. This is not definitely in any way similar to any mint tea I had tried before… It has a very soothing taste of mint but not overwhelming which still render that cooling effect on your throat… As the tea reach my throat, a mild bitterness kicks in which is really unique to me. Drink this while it’s still hot and all your stress will be gone..

After that all guest were treated with a relaxing shoulder massage. Just what everyone needed after a long day at work!

Hammam Tea Room5

We also get to paint some henna on our hand or chose those stick on for easy removal.

Hammam Tea Room3Beautiful henna drawing
Hammam Tea Room8Glittery stick on to choose from!

Hammam Tea Room9_副本

p/s: Apology on the dark and blurry picture as I did not bring my macro lens and flash >_< So non watermark picture are provided by the photographer during the event unless stated otherwise. Also the portion you see in the picture are quarter or half of normal serving portion just because we are tasting a lot of food that night so with full portion I think my tummy will explode…
Right after the massage and henna drawing, we were invited over for a taste of Authentic Moroccan Tea!! Ahh such a pampering and indulging night.. There is a wide range of tea to choose from in Hammam Tea Room which every single one of them are as exotic and unique! If you are not as adventurous, you can opt for the classic ones at RM 12 like Moroccan Mint Tea, Louiza tea & Loiza Hot Milk. However if you are up for some unique blend, try Herbal & fruit infusion at only RM 13.80 like Malika De La Rosa (love this too), Hand of Fatima Protection Tea, Berber Slimming Tea, 1001 Bedtime Stories, Liver Teatox and Turkish Apple Tea.

My favourite goes to Moroccan Mint Tea for it’s unique blend and flavour just like how I describe it earlier. You will have to try it for yourself then you will get what I’m getting at.

There is also smoothies, fruit juices,chocolate drink and coffee to choose from!! I am pretty sure there will be a drink that will suit your taste!

We then adjourned to break fast with the appetizing Moroccan Salad Medley along with Moroccan bread. Did you know a Moroccan Meal is never complete without bread? The bread is very similar to the naan we usually see in mamak stall (restaurant that is run by mamak usually opens for 24hours) but this one has less flour filling and harder in texture.

Hammam Tea Room3

The Moroccan Salad Medley RM 20 consist of five different Moroccan salad such as carrots, beetroot, rice and tuna flakes, butternut squash with barberry and potatoes. Honestly, not really my type of salad as maybe I am not used to the blend unique taste comprised of the rice and tuna… The potatoes and carrot was pretty normal to me…

Hammam Tea Room2

We were served with this Avocado with Dried Dates smoothies RM 16 which is my favourite… There is also bite pieces of the dried dates inside the smoothies.

Hammam Tea Room4Avocado with Dried Dates smoothies

Right after came a adorable puffy pie, the Pastila aux Fruit de Mer RM 20. It’s a filo pie of fish, shrimp, calamari, rice vermicelli and black mushrooms in a lemon based tomato sauce. It’s puffy and airy inside, as we slice it a part we see pile of seafood gems hidden inside… Surprisingly, I taste nothing like tomato sauce but more to curry flavour….. Not too sure if my taste bud has gone wrong…but seriously it’s quite similar to fried vermicelli with seafood and curry powder. I do love the thin & crusty puff layer, bite it all together it tasted great.

Hammam Tea Room5Pastila aux Fruit de Mer
Hammam Tea Room6Pastila aux Fruit de Mer, cross section

As the waiter walk toward us I can smell the strong smoky aroma of Grilled Chicken Wing RM 14.90….. I can’t wait to get my hands onto it!! It looked simple without any sauce and it taste simply DELICIOUS!!! This could be the most fresh and crispy chicken wings that I tasted so far!! Imaging fresh chicken from the farm grilled to perfection that’s exactly how it tasted… The meat is juicy and tender…One is never enough for me!!!!!!!!!

Hammam Tea Room grilled chicken wingGrilled Chicken Wing

The chicken meal doesn’t just stop there we continue with Tangine of chicken RM 30 with preserved Lemon, saffron & olives. The chicken is tender but the sauce was nothing too impressive to me.

Hammam Tea Room tangine of chicken

Tangine of beef kefta and shashuka egg RM 24.90 is a must order I’d say… The runny egg yolk over the minced beef patty soaked in tomato sauce is so so yummy. If you are egg lover, this will be heaven for you.

Hammam Tea Room tangine of beef keftaTangine of beef kefta and shashuka egg

Okay we have almost all types of meet but Lamb…. Let’s indulge in this Tangine of Lamb RM 38, specifically slow cooked in a clay jug with preserved lemon and saffron. Oh boy the lamb is so tender and juicy…. Each flakes is filled with strong flavour of the spices, tantalizing.

Hammam Tea Room Tangine of LambTangine of Lamb

Coming up next is their signature as well as the winner for the night, the Cous Cous with lamb and 7 vegetables RM 38. At Hammam Tea room you get to taste the most authentic Cous Cous. The vegetable gravy and the lamb is just too delicious and heart warming… Every grain of the rice is so good to bite on… I just keep on scooping for more….. Who cares about the calories or diet plans? I wipe off the entire dish!

Hammam Tea Room cous cousCous Cous with lamb and 7 vegetables

We were all feeling so full and happy with all the food and company. We were entertained by Madanna (not sure if I spell her name correctly) exotic belly dancing!! Oh the ‘Shakira’ moment when those bellies start moving like it has a mind on its own.

Hammam Tea Room20

We were all shocked when Chermaine announced that we all are going to do belly dancing too, spoofed my moment to indulge in the ‘Shakira’ moment…. Well its not really a bad thing, at least we get to move a little to have more space for dessert later!!

Hammam Tea Room22Gorgeous lady getting ready for belly dancing..
Hammam Tea Room23Belly dancing in action!!
Hammam Tea Room24Even Adam get into the dancing mood!

After shaking here and there, we are ready for dessert!!!

First up was this Vanilla Ice Cream with Orange & Cinnamon, smooth and creamy.

Hammam Tea Room26Vanilla Ice Cream with Orange & Cinnamon

Molten  Chocolate Cake had totally melt my heart… It does not have chocolate oozing out but it melts as it goes into my mouth….

Hammam Tea Room27Molten Chocolate Cake

Passion fruit Marshmallow doesn’t taste like the soft and melting marshmallow at all.. Ermmm maybe the coating does melt a little but the core more like a gummy candy-jelly like texture. It’s rather too sweet for me though…

Hammam Tea Room29

Here is my date that night, Sharon Loh. Do check her out at her spicy blog http://www.spicysharon.com/.

Hammam Tea Room1 Love this picture so pretty… Before we get our ass to shake…Makeup were still intact..

Also another beautiful picture with Chermaine the emcee of the night!! She is so gorgeous and friendly!!

Hammam Tea Room9

and finally a group picture of all the guest at the event that night!


If you are looking for a authentic Moroccan Cuisine typically authentic Cous Cous or up for some adventurous taste then you should book a table for you and your family & friends now… I can’t wait to return for their Cous Cous!! Oh if you want a twist to the common English tea or even the Japanese & Chinese tea, Moroccan Tea is a switch!!!


Hammam Spa and Tearoom
Lot 3, 4, 5, Level G4,
Red Zone, Publika Solaris Dutamas,
1 Jalan Dutamas 1, Mont Kiara KL
Phone: 03-6201 0882

Operation hours: 12pm – 11pm Daily

p/s Hammam Tearoom is located at the most corner lot of the highest level of Publika at red zones!



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