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Bangkok 6D5N: Day 1 Grand Mercure Fortune Bangkok Hotel & Asiatique

Good morning lovelies!! Finally managed to catch some breath after rushing work crazily ever since I came back from my long holiday in Bangkok. It’s Monday and I hope this post will cheer you up!!
People always thought other part of the world is beautiful to travel around and don’t usually opt to travel domestically or travel to same country over and over again; I beg to differ. I think if you have a good companion to travel with, any where in the world is great to visit and you will sure have fun! For instant I went to Bangkok for the third time and I know many people go to Bangkok every year for shopping but there is much more than shopping in Bangkok!!! No doubt shopping in Bangkok is fantastic but more to Asian size people or more accurate petite girls… This time visiting Bangkok bring me a new experience and I visited many places that I never know existed and most importantly I found a mall where they sell plusize clothing. So dear curvy friends and readers you can now shop at Bangkok!!!!!!! Beside the amazing Bangkok, this trip was truly an memorable ones as the bunch of people I travel with are all great people!!! So stay on and follow through all my blogpost as I will be bring you through my Bangkok trip to discover the hidden gems inside Bangkok. To begin, this is just the first part… Refer to end of this post for list of all travelogue for this Bangkok Trip.

Flying with Thai Airways
We reach KLIA super early as we don’t want to be late… So me and Shini chill over at Mcd before checking in and meeting up with Richard!!
This is my first time flying with Thai Airways and I must say this is one of my pleasant flight so far… The seats were comfortable with pillow provided and blanket provided on request. When we fly to Bangkok, there is no in flight entertainment provided but when we return to KL, there is LCD screen on every seat and the movie were quite latest ones..I watch Captain America winter soldier when flying back, unfortunately not able to finish it because I sleep on the early half of the flight!!!
The one thing that I really love is all food serve on flight is really fresh and piping hot…. Nothing feels better than having a hot meal after a long nap in the plane…. The fish with lemon grass taste so good even though I’m not a fan of lemongrass and the blackcurrant cake surprisingly not so sweet. For the first time I can finish the whole slice!
imageMy lunch when flying to Bangkok!
and the second meal I had in the plane was this mushroom chicken… Love the smooth mushroom gravy, taste so appetizing!
image My dinner before I touch down KL!
Landed at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, love the multilevel escalator in the airport!
Everyone rush over to Telco Service counter to get Local prepaid card to instantly get connected. They are two available Telco Service at the airport Happy & Dtact. Most of them purchase from Dtact but honestly both price almost similar!
Bangkok2 Happy Telco Package
So you see both are same price so it’s up to you which to choose….
Bangkok1 Dtact Telco Package
Well my friends chose the one with less queue so they all go to Dtact!! LOL… Look at their happy face!!
image picture credit to Steven Goh
Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel
Once we leave airport we head straight to check in to Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel!!!!!!!


There is two Grand Mercure Hotel in Bangkok, one called Fortune which is the one I stayed and another is Asoke. The hotel located about 30minutes driving distance from the famous shopping area in Bangkok, Pratunam & Phetchaburi Road (where the famous Platinum Mall is located). The lobby look so welcoming with huge couch for you to rest on while you wait for other to check in if there is any people on the line. On that day, the staff is not too occupied and work efficiently too…


This is my favourite hotel because it has bath tub and the bed is so so comfortable!!


I love the TV channels they provide as there is Fox Movies & AXN and some other quite interesting channel instead of the local channel as I do not know how to listen to Thai language…. I’d say Grand Mercure Hotel has the best channels among the three hotel I stay in Bangkok. The room look quite modern with simple white furnishing and dim lighting but not too dim… Actually quite alright as It’s not so hard for me to do my makeup!


As usual there is in room mini bar, so if you hungry or needed snack then just take it from the fridge….off course you need to pay for them…


Not sure about you but I don’t quite fancy open wardrobe but I don’t usually use them especially when I only stay one night so this doesn’t really bother me much! Ironing board,safety box is all available for your perusal.


Bathroom amenities is provided like shower gel, shampoo + conditioner, tooth brush & tooth paste, cotton bud and shower cap… Opps ladies conditioner is not provided, I usually brought my own so not a problem for me. The bathtub construction were quite interesting, it’s way lower than the common ones. It’s good thing as it’s easier to get out from the bath tub when you done soaking but it may not be deep enough to soak entire body..well at least not for me.

Bangkok Grand Mercure Hotel Fortune

The hotel is fully equipped with gym, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam bath and outdoor swimming pool by the garden. I only have one night here and didn’t have much time to go for a swimming…I wish I have more time to spend..

After checking- in the hotel we depart to Asiatique which I will blog shortly but for now let’s talk about the breakfast in the hotel so you don’t have to scroll up and down for information. We (me, Shini & JQ) actually sleep together that night, we all sleep soundly… Next morning we woke up really early to depart to Pak Chong area…. So a good sleep is really important! The breakfast has a wide spread of salads, pastry & bread, local delicacies (porridge, fried rice & padthai), the American breakfast (sausages, hams & eggs), breakfast cereals and fruit juices.

Bangkok Grand Mercure Hotel Fortune Breakfast

I felt so happy to find egg Benedict on the menu… Sadly the yolk were cooked and not runny, may be this is Egg Ben cooked in Thai ways… I find that they like to baked the poached egg after they pour on the hollandaise sauce which result in cooked egg yolk. I am not sure if this is how Thai people cook Egg Ben… If you are from Thailand do correct me if I am wrong…. Nevertheless they still taste delicious as it has more smoky aroma… If you stay here remember to pick up the Padthai as they taste so good!! Oh yes if you in Bangkok remember to pick up sausages as they are super crunchy outside and tender internally! I find most of the hotel in Bangkok serve crunchy sausages unlike the other country who serve soft and tender ones…and yes there is pork sausages in some hotel!!


Hotel Information

Hotel Name : Grand Mercure Fortune Bangkok
Address : 1 Rachadaphisek Road – Fortune Town – Dindaeng, 10400 BANGKOK – THAILAND
Tel : (+66)2/6411500
Fax : (+66)2/6411510
Mail : [email protected]
Official Website: Grand Mercure Fortune Bangkok Website
How to go: From airport take Motorway No.7 towards west to Bangkok City and exit at Rama 9. Approximately 1.5km take a right at Asoke-Ratchada intersection and turn into hotel. By bus take shuttle to Airport Bus Terminal. Get on Bus 551 for Victory Monument and off just after MCOT intersection. Hotel is 100 m ahead in the right from the junction.
Nearby: Hotel is attached to Fortune Town I.T. Mall and shopping complex, 30minutes drive to Pratunam market/ Platinum Mall
Price: Approx 1950 THB per night subject to changes based on season

All of us ready for our first destination Asiatique!

image picture credit to Steven Goh

On our way to Asiatique I saw these beautiful power cable pole, modern building designs and stunning overview of highways!

 Bangkok14 Traffic jam is common in Bangkok and in most Asian country!
Bangkok16Bundle of power cables hanging on the pole!
Bangkok18Love the diagonal slope of this building!
Bangkok19 finally it’s all cleared!
Bangkok23Uncle waiting for his turn to turn out to the main road!

ok now back to our trip to Asiatique… The last two time I went to Bangkok I do not know about Asiatique at all… Like I said earlier Bangkok is a shopping paradise for shopaholics and in Asiatique is another new level of shopping!! You get a calm river view over beautiful lighting of funky and colourful restaurant and rows of shop selling items that you may not get in Pratunam Market or Platinum Mall!! Even if you are not into shopping, just drop by for a visit for the beautiful building, colourful setup and bright Eye of Asiatique. Spend a evening with your friends over cocktails or have a proper meal at any of the well decorated restaurant with choices of local delicacies, western steaks, American Pizzas or even the Italian pasta, all under one roof!


That evening the weather is superb..Not too cloudy and not too stuffy too! Great weather for sightseeing and shopping! below are one of the row expect 5 to 6 more rows… You can find some really unique item here and I guess most of the store allow you to try on with your cloths still on your body which is pretty good for me!


There are 4 shopping district in Asiatique where you need a whole day to explore every shop…


I only have 2 hours to quickly roam and I manage to cover around half of it!

This statement T-shirt scream attention!!!

Bangkok31 okay I don’t that okie and no I didn’t buy this as I don’t wear singlet!!!hahaha

Straw bags perfect for Summer!!


This Polaroid Cameras catches every eyes that glances through…. especially for girls who are fans of cute and adorable packaging! Leopard print, Spider man, Hello Kitty and many more colours… Pick your favourite!


I was caught admiring these beautiful accessories hand crafted by local designers… Not a average price tag,,,,quite hefty ones…

Asiatique shopping

I wanted to buy the round bag home as I love the colour combos but they cost 800 THB which is out of my budget! To think of, the bag design are simple yet unique really worth buying if you have extra cash to spend!

Asiatique shopping pavini

I bought a pair of heel at this shop.. More info on shopping in a separate post! p/s: remember to follow through all my blogpost…

Asiatique shopping heel

Looking at this entertainer it reminds me of Europe where there are plenty of entertainer performing along the street of tourist attractions.

Bangkok28 The kid doesn’t know what the entertainer trying to do while the mother is laughing over it!

More picture of the surroundings..

Bangkok59 Japanese Food
Bangkok41 Pizza?
Bangkok44 Let’s go for a beer!
Bangkok46 ahh this is a great spot for couple shot!
Bangkok47 Beautiful Love Lock!!
Bangkok50 The walkways along the Chao Phraya River river!
Bangkok51Free Boat transfer to Sathorn Pier!
Bangkok54 I’m sure my tummy will be happy when the happy fish goes into my tummy!
Bangkok56 Yacht theme dining setup!! It create a Santorin kind of feel because of the colour combo!
Bangkok58 Light House
Attraction Information

Attraction Name : Asiatique Bangkok
Address: Asiatique The Riverfront, 2194, Charoenkrung 72-74 Rd. Rd., Wat Phraya Krai, Bang Kho Laem, Bangkok 10120 Thailand
Operating Hour: Monday- Sunday 16:00 to 00:00
Official Website:
How to go: Most economical way is by taking the BTS to Saphan Thaksin Station and take the free shuttle boat service at Sathorn Pier. For other routing option please refer to 
What to do: Shopping, Sightseeing, Dining, Muay Thai Show,Cabaret girls show at Calyso Bangkok, Thai puppets featured by Joe Louis Puppet Theatre.
Price: Free entrance to walk inside

We had our dinner at Ko Dang Talay, Asiatique one the famous seafood restaurant here. The interior look like we are inside a big warehouse with simple wooden table and chair. There is also a private room if you want to organize a group dinner for more privacy!

Asiatique dinner

I saw some review from trip advisor that you can dine over sunset from the see through glass…. The next time I visit Asiatique I’ll make sure to catch the sunset!

imageSuch a warm view!!

The crab with egg and curry powder is extremely delicious!!! Such a delicious meal for the night!! Everyone keep adding rice and poof in few minutes everything on table is all gone!!!

Ko Dang Talay food

and remember you must try their coconut smoothies. It’s different from any other smoothies…I’m not quite sure if they put milk but I cant taste milk in it so it’s more like coconut ice blended. It does not taste too sweet and has slight saltiness from the coconut flesh in bite size!!! I wish I can have one now!!

Restaurant Information

Restaurant Name : Ko Dang Talay
Address : Boardwalk, Warehouse 7.
Tel : +66 (0)2 1084498
Operating Hour: Monday- Sunday 16:00 to 00:00
Official Website:
Food Type: Seafood cooked in Tradition Thai style

After a fulfilling meal we head over to watch Muay Thai show… This one is not the serious Muay Thai, its an educational show to introduce to you what is Muay Thai about and where it come from… Some humours and jokes were incorporated in the show so don’t worry you will be bored! I would say the show is very informational but if there is a real fight incorporated it will be more exciting!

 Bangkok29Me with the big gold elephant outside of the Muay Thai theatre!

On a side note if you planning to watch this Muay Thai show and is wearing shorts and sleeveless top please bring cardigan or scarf or just buy one at the shop nearby as the aircond can be very cold.

Watch this trailer of the Legendary Muay Thai Show.

More photos of the show!!

Muay Thai Live - The Legend Lives (8)
MTL - Publicity Photo 14

A sad ending of the tragic storyline!

Muay Thai Live - The Legend Lives (6)

Attraction Information

Attraction Name : Muay Thai Show at Asiatique Bangkok
Address: Asiatique The Riverfront, 2194, Charoenkrung 72-74 Rd. Rd., Wat Phraya Krai, Bang Kho Laem, Bangkok 10120 Thailand
Showtime: 8pm daily
Price: from 1019 THB and up

Well that pretty sum up my first day in Bangkok, stay tune for upcoming post of Chok Chai Farm & Palio Resort in few days time!!! Click on the itinerary below to browse through my adventures in Bangkok!

Bangkok 6D5N Itinerary:
1. Day 1 Grand Mercure Fortune Bangkok Hotel & Asiatique 
2. Day 2 Chok Chai Farm 
3. Day 2 Sorapong Temple Khorat 
4. Day 2 Palio Khao Yai
5. Day 2 Pak Chong Night Market 
6. Day 3 Khao Yai Panorama Farm (Mushroom Resort) 
7. Day 3: Thongsomboon Club, Pak Chong

This trip is a part of Thailand’s Best Friend Forever Trip sponsored by TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand), Thai Airways & Leisure Travel Magazine. Thank you for all the sponsor for such amazing trip and to all the amazing peoples I met in this trip do keep in touch!!!!



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