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Whisper Got You Covered with New Ultra & Cottony Clean Sanitary Napkin

Good morning ladies!!! Tell me what is the thing that you hate most when you wake up in the morning??? For me nothing can be worst to find out that I am menstruating or having period in the common term…. The bad cramp, uncomfortable soggy feeling of the sanitary napkin and the mood swing is the No 1 enemy for me especially if it happen on a working day!! Technically whole day plan will be ruin and I will feel terribly awful the whole day. Thank god I found a way to fight these enemy and ensure my whole day feel like the normal day without any worry and my agenda goes on as planned. I need both Whisper & Yoga to relieve my terrible cramp and also ensure that I feel comfortable down under…


This is the second time I visited MYoga and I find Yoga really helps to regulate your blood flow and thus help in relieving fatigue and pain.


Most of the time, menstrual cramp are caused by contractions of the uterus as it expels its unneeded contents, and also by the passage of clotted blood through the cervix. Before we begin yoga, the staff show us the two new Whisper Ultra & Whisper Cottony Clean and also explain to us some of the key differences.


Now you get to choose one that suits you the most!!! There is multiple of sizes and type to choose between these two range like for regular flow, heavy flow and extra heavy flow. You can choose wing/non wing and for the sizes you can choose from 23cm/ 24cm/ 28cm/ 32cm length.

Whisper2The whisper Ultra & Cottony Clean Range…

I choose the cottony one because I love soft cottony feeling down there….Just like a pillow supporting my little sister how comfy.. In addition it has a light fresh scent that I really love!! This will help masked the unpleasant scent caused by the menses and bacteria grow over time especially when you are sweating… Also the blue lock core that helps to locks in all the fluid make me feel clean all the time. The pad is shaped with circles of protection ensure no leakages even with big movement.

Whisper Cottony Clean (2)

If you like to feel dry all the time then Whisper Ultra is for you…The duo-protection system ensure everything is lock in the middle and will not leak out from the side…. Love the flower pattern at the middle show how delicate this napkin look.

Whisper Ultra

Back to the yoga class, this time the yoga instructor teach really basic yoga pose which is very easy to follow. I can do almost every pose which make me feel happy and satisfied…


Look at the easy posture….I can easily follow through…


Such a big satisfaction after the workout…Feel good when I stretch my body like all the bone and muscles is relaxed and not tensed anymore….

“Are you a lover of Whisper too?? Which range are you using?? Leave a comment & I’ll be happy to read all of them!”

Time to say goodbye again.. See you again same time tomorrow at this blog again….Have a great day!!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All non watermarked picture are taken by carolyntay.com.


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