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Naturally Langkawi : 10 Must Visit Spot in Langkawi Part 2/2

Continuing from my previous 5 must visit spot in Langkawi, today I’ll be sharing the final 5 spot to visit when you are in Langkawi!!

6) Underwater World Langkawi

Location : Pantai Cenang, Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
Operation Hours : 10.00 a.m to 6.00 p.m daily. 9.30 a.m to 6.30 p.m during public holiday
Entrance Fee : Adult (RM 38/ RM 28 for Malaysian) & Children ( RM 28/ RM 18 for Malaysian)
Nearby Attraction : Pantai Cenang, Morac Go Kart, Laman Padi
What to do : Animals Feeding, Marine Life watching & upclose interactions, photo taking
Website :

I was surprised to see some land animal in Underwater world as I expect only marine life will be seen…. Good thing is the Underwater is located near Cenang Beach and if you staying nearby then it will be very convenient to drop by for a visit!

Langkawi1We took a picture while waiting to go into see the fishes and dancing penguins…

At the entrance there is boards of information and picture where you can learn about the animals and marine life too…


Being Malaysia largest aquarium means they are capable of housing a large collection of over 4000 aquatic lives! Guess what, there is more than 100 specially designed tank being the house of more than 100 species of seashell and other sea creatures. Beside that, you will also be able to view various animals, bird and inhabitants of the sub-Antarctic, Temperate and Tropical Rainforest regions.
We first walk through a path where I can see lizards and chameleon..

Langkawi5The Lizard skin pattern look like a snake…even it’s head look like snake too….but this with 4 legs…
Langkawi6Peek a boo!

If you love being surrounded by seashells, fishes, penguin and various animals then you should really visit this Underwater world!

What you can find in Underwater World?
    • Large collection of over 4000 aquatic lives.
    • More than 500 species of animals and sea creatures
    • Various animals, birds and inhabitants of the sub-Antarctic Temperate and Tropical Rainforest regions are also on display here
    • More than 100 species of seashells 

My all time favorite is watching the penguins walk left and right using their tiny petite legs…It’s too adorable…Usually, they walk for a short distance and the will stand still for a while before continuing, some will dive into the water for a quick bath!


Second highlight is this unique Mamorset… First time seeing one, they have a tiny face with whisker alike ear! Do you know marmoset is the smallest monkey found in the Amazon? When I passing by they keep running back to their cave and I could hardly take picture of their face!! So below pic was taken by Tian Chad!

Naturally Langkawi Bloggers FAM Trip 2013 LADA #tianchad-27

Of course we see many fishes, jelly, seashells and many other sea creature exhibit in the specifically designed aquarium!


I find the jelly fish the most attractive one most like because of their stunning bright hue!
Towards the end of the showroom, we saw this weird fish that has a very long body which can swim through the holes of the sea rocks… Literally like a longggggggg snake fish!


Shall we continue our animal exploring?? What about eagle watching?

7) Eagle Square

Location : Kuah, Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
Operation Hours : 24hour
Entrance Fee : Free
Nearby Attraction : Chogm Park, Legend Park
What to do : Sight seeing, photo taking, Sea view
Website : N/A

Here you can’t see real eagle but a huge Eagle sculpture getting ready to fly off… Well here is a place where you can take many beautiful pictures featuring the Eagle which marks your present in Langkawi! It’s a must take picture when you visit Langkawi! Other background that you may want to take a sight are the wide wavy sea, peaks of mountains, cotton clouds, bridges and also buildings surrounding the Eagle Square.

Langkawi51Eagle is about to take off
Langkawi49Eagle Square Overview

Why Eagle represent Langkawi??

Because Langkawi is derived from the word Lang (Eagle in Malay) + Kawi (Reddish Brown in Malay) hence Langkawi.”

Naturally Langkawi Bloggers FAM Trip 2013 LADA #tianchad-184Group picture with the Eagle!

Be at Eagle Square around 6-7 pm for the beautiful warm orange cloud where the sun is about to set!

Langkawi52The warm view of the boat and ship during sunset in Eagle Square

It’s very windy when you stand by the edge which will be a good spot to enjoy a book & a coffee!

8) MARDI Agro Technology Park

Location : Jalan Padang Gaong, Lubuk Semilang, Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
Operation Hours : 8.30 am – 5.00 pm. Closed on Friday
Entrance Fee : Adult (RM20) | Children (RM 10)
Nearby Attraction : Makam Mahsuri, Gunung Raya, Kampung Buku
What to do : Farm Visit, Enjoy eating fresh Fruit, Photo Taking
Website :

Have a farm tour in MARDI Agro Technology park to get a closer look on how local tropical fruits plant look like…. You will be greeted with an array of fresh fruit buffet before you have a tour to into the huge farm. You can also learn about various technology used to grow these fruits…

Langkawi185Let’s feast!
Langkawi184Star fruit the main crop in MARDI
Langkawi186Any idea what are they doing?? Haha they are posing for a photo with the huge imaginary start fruit!
Langkawi187Look at the hugeeeee star fruit? Sufficient for one month supply!
Langkawi188Did you think they are real? Visit MARDI and you will be able to see this giant star fruit!


You can also visit the grape farm which is our favourite spot!!! Seeing the grape dangling from the top is really cute!


I took a few back to our van to chew on…Hehe..they are so juicy and crunchy!

9) Makam Mahsuri

Location : Lot FF8, Jalan Makam Mahsuri, Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
Operation Hours : 8.00 am – 6.30 pm.
Entrance Fee : Adult (RM 7) | Children (RM 5)
Nearby Attraction : MARDI, Gunung Raya, Kampung Buku
What to do : Watch Mahsuri Play, Learn about Mahsuri history
Website : N/A

Visit the famous Makam Mahsuri (Mahsuri Tomb) which is a legend in Langkawi you must discover. Beside visiting her tomb, you can also visit the house where Mahsuri used to stay. There is also an exhibit hall where you can see pictures of Mahsuri and her other generation.. They are all very beautiful.

Langkawi222Beautiful Lake in Mahsuri Museum
Langkawi224This is not Mahsuri but her grand grand daughter.


Langkawi227Replica Sculpture of the Mahsuri village people
Langkawi229Mahsuri’s Tomb

If you interested to watch Play which reflect Mahsuri story. This is quite a interesting play to watch because the actor skill is very good but I think the story line is a little to lengthy.


Langkawi241The jealous Village Chief’s Wife

Let me give you a summary of this legend. Mahsuri a very beautiful lady at that time married to her husband who went for a war leaving her behind. Mahsuri met a young man Deraman and become his friend. Unfortunately, the village Chief’s wife is jealous of her beauty accused her for adultery and she was sentenced to stabbed to death. She was tied to a tree and stabbed to death but it didn’t work. Mahsuri told them to kill her with her family kris I which then white blood flow upon her death. With her last breath Mahsuri cursed Langkawi for having bad luck for seven generation. Langkawi was then taken over by Siam and only to recent in the 20th centuries Langkawi has gain prosper because it is said that Mahsuri generation has passed the 7th generation.


10) Cenang Beach

Location : Pantai Cenang, Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
Operation Hours : 24hours
Entrance Fee : free
Nearby Attraction : Underwater World, Laman Padi, Night Market
What to do : Sea view, sight seeing, swimming
Website : N/A

One of the must visit beach in Langkawi…Though water wasn’t really clear and there is no sunrise when we were there but it’s a nice spot to take some pictures… If you are lucky you will be able to see beautiful sunrise.

imageSunrise in Cenang Beach.

Now gonna spam all my pictures….

Langkawi284Good morning Langkawi!
Langkawi279Me with lovely Joey!


picture below credit to
Naturally Langkawi Bloggers FAM Trip 2013 LADA #tianchad-240
Naturally Langkawi Bloggers FAM Trip 2013 LADA #tianchad-249

So that is all the 10 must visit spot in Langkawi, have you visited any of these spot?? Do you love it or otherwise? Share with me..

Till then bye bye…I am still in Chendu, China currently…Stay tune for my cute panda post!



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