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Ben’s @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

On a fine Saturday afternoon we five girls Sharon, Carmen, Audrey, Jean and Me take a time off to enjoy our lunch at one of the most lovely outlet of Ben’s. Ben’s is not new to me, in fact I am their frequent visitor especially this outlet in Bangsar Shopping Centre. I was carried away by it interior design that make you feel like you are at home. Eventually, the restaurant was divided into 4 section (2 indoor and 2 outdoor).
My favourite section is the one just right after the main entrance with fun colours, quirky furniture and memorable snapshots of  Ben’s family ensuring diners have a warm and cosy dining experience here.

Ben18Individual column seating with Ben’s family picture on the wall
Ben17Comfortable sofa for a laid back afternoon.

The outdoor well decorated with plant and stone element paired with a wooden table and metal chair with comfortable seat pillow laid on each chair ensuring you will seat comfortable throughout the time you are at Ben’s.

Ben16The garden setting at Ben’s

At the other end there another outdoor area with long bench and metal chair….This area put more emphasis on wood element and that includes the timber flooring…


I was running late that day so every girls has already made their order. I always love pasta at Ben’s for their creamy sauce but that day decided to order something I have not try before. I ordered at Crab & Ebiko salad for starter and Teriyaki Salmon with Sesame Seed Crust for my main and a cup of Latte.
My Latte was not extraordinary but it’s good start for the day… Yeah my weekend kick off kinda late usually after 11am…LOL

Bens LatteLatte to kick start the day, RM 7.90

Then the cold, sweet and tangy Crab & Ebiko salad came. A creamy coleslaw with fresh cabbage and carrots and flakes of crab sitting on top of bed of butterhead. We could barely taste the crab element… We reckon the mayonnaise had masked the light crab flavour. Overall it’s a good bite for started as the ebiko add more dimension to the coleslaw.

Ben5Crab & Ebiko Salad RM 25

As the name, Teriyaki Salmon with Sesame Crust suggest, it lived up to its name as each cuts of the salmon is coated with the roasted black and white sesame. The sesame seed doesn’t do much on the salmon beside giving it extra crunch feeling. I must say the steam rice is one of a kind. So fluffy and soft..One of the best steam rice I had. The teriyaki sauce was rather too sweet for my liking…

Ben6Teriyaki Salmon with Sesame Crust, RM 40

Then I sampled the Burnt Butter Wild Mushroom Salad ordered by Jean. Interesting enough that the rocket salad taste is not strong here and the juicy wild mushroom is really good…A good salad for those who wanted to try rocket salad but worried about the overpowering flavour of the salad. The salad is completed with truffle oil & lemon juice dressing and is garnish with Roquefort cheese, caramelised walnut and coriander leaves.

Ben2Burnt Butter Wild Mushroom Salad, RM 24

Sharon’s steak come in looking appetizing and very inviting especially to our camera. A cut through the cross section, it look pink and juicy….Yes it taste as juicy as it look but the taste was a bit disappointing. Black Pepper sauce didn’t help much though..

Ben4Steak Frites, RM 53
Ben8The pink cross section

Audrey ordered my favourite Soft Shell Crab Spaghetti. Spaghetti swimming in a milky buttered sauce with curry leaves and chilli padi and finishes with crispy soft shell crab battered in egg floss on top is a delicious combination but must be savour while it’s hot.

Ben3Golden Soft Shell Crab Spaghetti, RM 24

All tummy are almost filled…Time for some dessert end our meal perfectly…

Bananofee Sundae is my pick…If you love banana split you gonna love this more! The vanilla ice cream is brilliantly scooped into a glass with slices of banana surrounding it that is packed with walnut!! Chocolate syrup on top before serving it!! Remember to dig in and scoop out the ice cream with the chocolate syrup and banana slice all together for maximum sweet pleasure…

Ben11Bananofee Sundae, RM 13 

Sticky Date Pudding wasn’t a good date for me…Don’t quite like the sticky partner..

Ben9Sticky Date Pudding, RM 14

Macadamia Caramel cheese cake is cheesy but the base lack of crunchiness that i like my cheese cake to have. I actually prefer to have it without the caramel..I may be biased because I don’t fancy caramel…

Ben10Macadamia Caramel cheese cake, RM 15

We bid good bye after the dessert while I await Thomas for second round tea session!! I order Gorgeous Geisha because i love the aroma of the tea with a hint of strawberry in it!

Ben12Gorgeous Geisha, RM 8.90
imageMy casual OOTD stripe tee + lace skirt!
All in all I still love their pasta over other main…. The restaurant ambient is definitely a selling point providing a very comfortable dining experience. I can stay there for hours with the T2 teas (Ben’s use T2 brand for all their tea).
Ben’s @ BSC
Lot-T-06, Level 3
Bangsar Shopping Centre
285 Jalan Maarof
Bukit Bandaraya
59000 Kuala Lumpur
Monday – Sunday
11:00am – 11:00pm
10:00pm: Kitchen last order
10:30pm: Bar last order
Tel: +603 2095 7988


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