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Chengdu 6D5N: The Experience

Hello Hello, happy Tuesday lovelies!!!…..Did you miss me over the past two week?? Did not have time to interact with all of you reader because I am stuck in China and when I come back to Malaysia, boy the amount of work is exploding!!!!!! Every night I hope I can spare some time to write this post but that’s just no possible until today…. It took me 3 night to process and edit all the pictures….This is unexpected!

This trip has gave me many first time and I learn so many new things and yes lot’s of new experience and memory. I am not gonna write travelogue like I used to do because I think it’s kinda bored and not every places I went is worth visiting. So this post will be about the experience in Chengdu, the environment, the people, the weather, the culture and for food , it will be another separate post. As for worthy places to visit will be another separate post too!! So you need to follow through all three post k?

To begin let’s start with my flight to Chengdu!! It was explosive!!

** You must read this!!

Inflight Hiatus!

As usual, I check in at airport and wait for my turn to board!! As you all know, Facebook,Twitter, Google and a few more website are all banned in China. YES No Facebook!! That is why you don’t see my frequent updates on FB!!! So just few minutes before I board I realize there is some campaign I need to complete using FB…. and the connection speed in LCCT is almost similar to tortoise speed of crawling…I was panicked like shit that I am shaking while typing using my mobile!! No Joke… Thank god manage to complete before I board, it was a released..So i thought alright when i sit in the plane I am going to put on my eye mask and expand my air pillow to get a good sleep!!!!
Here the story begin!!!! Keep on reading okay!

It is raining heavily that evening, my very first time using umbrella to walk to the plane!! tsk tsk if at KLIA there will be connection bridge…..hahaha that’s what you get when you fly with budget airline!


I took some picture of the cloud when the sun set when the plane fly to at another state..


Usually this is the time where I will tug on to my cardigan and scarf and pull down my eye mask getting ready to my dream land…..OMFG the entire plane is so so so so noisy…..It’s not the normal chatter voice, its like a market! Literally, like a market!!! They don’t speak in soft tone but is a high tone and loud voice. My new phone do not have any song downloaded into it, so there is nothing that I can use to filter the noise!!!’It’s just a torture to past every single minute! Not just noise but people just walking back and forth nonstop.

One thing that I am amazed was usually when the flight attendant bring out the food to serve to passenger most don’t really purchase unless pre-book but this flight I can see everyone is pulling out their bank notes to buy the food…Just like how people buy food in night market…What a good scene to watch…

Toward half the journey, suddenly one man fainted!!! Apparently, he has food poisoning and had just drop a huge bomb in the toilet. If you get what I mean, you can imagine the air quality in the plane….It become worst when the man fainted and other passenger gathered around and start to make noise again!!! OMG with the air quality and the noise from the crowd my headache is getting worse…. The entire journey I kept applying medicated oil!!! Damn it, I just recall the motion sickness pill while I was typing now…Should have taken them then I can sleep like a pig…Though I’m not sure it will work for such environment!
Thank god my return flight was more peaceful!!!

It was winter when we are there and basically no snow in Chengdu. However, the mountain may have snow so skiing is possible. Most of the time even during autumn or spring there is not much sun in Chengdu!! The sun just decided not to appear in Chengdu!

Surprisingly, we made sun very happy that he decide to smile on our entire journey…So i get to see some beautiful sunset..I could even see a round, solid, warm orange sun!


imageThe warm sun!
There are time where it’s all misty and covered by huge spread of bland white greyish clouds…
Chengdu42Misty day at Du Jiang Yan!
It’s winter, but not all trees has gone bald…In fact most of the tree still have golden leaves on…. Below are some of the beautiful tones of trees in Chengdu!
Chengdu47Brown & Red Maple Leaves!
Chengdu513The beautiful House with the golden leaves!
Chengdu69Can you see the kids playing the tree leave on the bottom right?
Chengdu247One my fav picture of the leaves!
It’s not very col around 4 – 14degC, a normal thick jacket or coat will do..Long john is not really required unless your top is very thin!


We see a lot of high rise building but not as much as KL. It’s consider quite developed if I were to compare to some other country in Asia.

IMG (1043)

When we were at the outskirt area we see beautiful houses with traditional architecture… It will be good for your to spend some time to walk around to take a look at the design and carvings..It’s so beautiful!
Chengdu355One of the cafe in Huang Long Xi! You can enjoy English tea here!
Chengdu54The street along the shop in beautiful architecture!
Chengdu514Local house that is located in the tourist area!
Chengdu372Most of the houses roof are in this shape!
Chengdu381This roof pattern are so unique with dragon elements..

Their city life aren’t like us…much more relaxed and laid back I would say… We don’t see people walking with large step or like marathon to work like people in Hong Kong or Singapore.

Chengdu140Chun Xi Road, the famous shopping street in Chengdu!

During the day, the road aren’t very busy and not much people walking around…But toward the evening especially in the weekend the streets is full of people…If you look down from a bridge it’s like a swarm of little ants on the street!

Chengdu540People building up….
Chengdu542This is weekend!
I did not take the picture of the little ants as I am busy shopping!!LOL
You might know the road in China is of opposite side….From the first day till the last day I still not used to their side..When I want to cross the road I always look at the wrong side! Lucky, no car hit me!!
Oh here another interesting part!
“Some of the toilet are without door! Means you are exposed to public when you are doing that little pee!”
That not a problem…I encountered where there a lady who has just completed her biggest business ever and just realized that there is no water to flush it away..not even water pipe….She is telling everyone please don’t enter that particular toilet!! GOSH!!! and yes because it is not enclosed the pee smell is exceptionally strong!!! I only breath with my mouth…Felt like I drank a bottle of pees..LOLed!
Second funny incident was when another lady (Miss A) doing her business, then because some of the door lock has malfunctioned; another lady (Miss T) opened her door and Miss A was shocked and scream… Here is the conversation.
Miss T : why you don’t lock your door?? You just scared me away by screaming…
Miss T keep on rambling and scolding!
Miss A : Excuse me, I do I know you will open the door? I am wearing my pant so my hand were to busy to hold on the door!! and pleeeaseeee you are the one who got me shocked okay?? not me..and why the heck you scold me???
Good thing is street is very well kept.. Very clean and we can see cleaner sweeping floor almost everywhere….
Oh I realize the dustbin is beautifully designed in most of the tourist attractions!! Interesting!
page 1Interesting signs board and dustbin.
Generally, people here are of petite size… I was so sad because I cannot find my sizes while shopping for cloths and that includes shoe too…Guess I am consider GIANT size there lol…Only manage to get a skater skirt from H&M…How sad?
Chengdu girl is well known for their fierceness….Just like chilly padi…small and hot (hiks sound like one of my blogger friend Sarah, need to ask her boyfriend is she hot as in sexy hot or fierce hot!!LOL)…. So generally the people here doesn’t speak in a soft tone most talk in a higher tone.. There is one time when a girl call me pretty girl in a very rude way I didn’t realize she is calling me until she called for the second or third time!
Saw a lot of older people are still working by the street selling food or souvenir..They still look very energetic…
Chengdu162Cycling with a bags of recycle cans and boxes!
Chengdu343Old granma selling kiwi fruit!
Locals like to spend time playing mahjong…

If not mahjong then it will be cards….I enjoy playing them when I am there tooo… I remember that day I was having menstrual cramp but when playing all pain is gone!! Hahaha now want to accompany me to play card next month on the first day of my menses ya?? So i don’t to go through that bad cramps??


or having tea session with friends… fuhhhh this my favourite too..I’ll share with the best tea session I have in Chengdu in my upcoming blogpost!!


Typically the local have big bowls of vegetables with lots of gravy in it and another bowl of hot soup!! Not much meat though…


Oh one of the most beautiful sights is looking at the chubby baby pink cheek wearing thick and fluffy jackets…Soooo adorable!!

Chengdu492Little girl posing for her mother camera!
Chengdu68baby boy playing with golden leaves!
This cute boy like to stroll around wandering at things and his mother will keep telling him what are the names of the things…i.e this bell…bell… too cute..
Chengdu207The sunshine hurting my eyes!!urghhh..
Chengdu364-tileAt first the baby giving the WTF face (why are you capturing my picture??) then I make him smile by playing with him…Look at his pinkish cheek….ahhh i miss him already!

Speaking about people, Mr Panda is everywhere…On the bus, on the road, in the shop, on food packaging lol…. I am going to post more on panda in next post…Here is a photo of panda having their lunch for you!



During winter most shop sell big and thick winter jacket!!! That’s the only thing you find in most of the shop….Grrr shopping during winter is just lurking and lurking… But i love to look at all the varieties of coat and jackets colours display on the store…


Some of the adorable outfit I spotted!

Chengdu541Love her fur-ish boot!
Chengdu99Great colour combination and that stud boot just so edgy!
Chengdu183Hello Kitty sneakers?
Chengdu375Panda Suit!

Actually there is more story to tell but if I were to continue it going to be never ending! Though this is not the best trip I went but this the trip that I learned the most and experience a lot of new things… There are many first time and many laughter too…. If you are looking for a different experience in travelling and most importantly if you are looking for a peaceful and relaxed place to spend your holiday then you should really consider Chengdu on your coming trip. So here is my 6D 5N itinerary for your reference.

6D 5N Itinerary

Day 1: Supper (Dim Sum) | Check in hotel in Chun Xi Road
Day 2: Du Jiang Yan | **Hot Spring
Day 3: Le Shan | Emei Mountain | **Emei Famous Opera Show
Day 4: **Trekking at Emei Mountain | **Huang Long Xi | Chun Xi road shopping
Day 5 : **Panda Watching | **Jinli Street
Day 6: Jewellery Street Visit

p/s: the one highlighted with ** are must visit spot!



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