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Cindy’s Akiyo Story : Paris oh So Romantic

France, to be specific Paris had gave me lots of beautiful memories!! Paris to me is a very romantic country…it can be easily felt through the gentle and soft tone of French language…. One of the thing that planted in my mind is that I had my first kiss facing Eifel Tower…Ahhhhhh so romantic but that’s just a memory that will be kept in a small box because he’s not the love of my life anymore… I would love to visit Paris again with my love, my future husband…To hug and kiss there is like a fairy tale story came true to me…I am not sure about you but that’s what I thought…..

imageObviously this is not me..If i post my picture Thomas gonna be so mad at me!! ^^

At that moment I couldn’t believe I am in front of Eifel Tower as like I saw it in TV!! It’s like a dream…..I pinch my cheek..nope is real..Very real!! From there on I just started to being addicted to travelling…When I returned to Malaysia i just can’t stop travelling but my empty bank account made me stop but not for long…

I hope this Eifel Tower charm from Akiyo that I chose will bring me and Thomas to Eifel Tower and by then I will replace with our picture okay??


People choose the charm based on their life story… I have chosen my first one…I think next I will choose a suit case…..Because I’m just deeply in love with travelling.. So what’s your story? Which charm represents you?

imageI’m gonna fill up my chain with all the charm real soon!
Akiyo34Pick your charm, price starts from RM89!

Akiyo believe each and every pieces of jewellery has a special story not just charm alone but every single pieces! Akiyo, simply means “Bright, Clear, Sparkle”, is created to bring everyone a unique & meaningful jewellery that celebrating every special moment of your LIFE. Their Signature symbol, The Four-Leaf Clover, each leaf represents a meaning of LIFE: Faith, Hope, Love & Luck.


Akiyo designs is inspired by the Europe & Japan continent accessories design idea, unifies with the life concept way, experience joyful, interesting, happy and unique esthetic interest. At the same time, the brand also can transmit in well love and the friendship shares all joy. Akiyo bringing a whole new experience in handmade jewellery, delicate and sleek looks that are functional, practical and well made.

This Christmas, Akiyo bringing you some love that you can share with your loved ones..The Christmas Collection Pearl with snowflakes, stars, gift box icon and anything Christmassy… The pearl are so shiny and elegant and thus the Swarovski crystal charms are kept minimal to let the pearl shine!

Akiyo25Christmas Pearl Collection price starts from RM 189

Look at the sweet pink pearl on my wrist…Aren’t they pretty?? I almost took it to go home with me!!

Akiyo13Love the simple and elegant design!

These pearl are made from fresh water pearls. It is 100% genuine and are of finest quality! It will look very elegant and girls, great for day or any night outings…

I am madly in love with the rose gold collection!! There are so gorgeous…and it will not rust and so shiny!!! Rose Gold gave a modern colour instead of the traditional gold colour.. which is boringggggggggg…

Akiyo19The elegant Rose Gold bracelet!
Akiyo20Look at the cute piggy and panda…So adorable!
Akiyo21I love this simple Rose Gold bracelet….


Dress – Bangkok markets
Polka Legging – Uniqlo
Pump – Vinci
Necklace – Diva
Akiyo23Close up of the bracelet combination!

Varieties of necklace to choose from..from stainless steel to 18K gold to pearl…Just put on your neck and pick the one you like the most!!


Akiyo30The shinning necklace….

Woots… there is also these colourful bracelet and necklace made from resin (a type of plastic). I just love the colour mixture and the patterns…amazing painting i would say!

Akiyo29Beautiful flower prints bracelet with a love charm!

All Akiyo bracelet are made of high quality elastic rubber to make wearing it more convenient…You don’t to spend minutes to hook the bracelet, just need slip it in..It takes you less than a minute to so..So even if you are late for work you still can wear this! Guess what? You can change the elastic at Akiyo free of charge! So no need to worry it will become loose!!

Have you found anything you like from my picture?If you have not, you should make a visit at Akiyo store as there is more selections and I am sure you will be spoilt by the choices!! Get ready your wallet!!

Akiyo Jewellery Stores:
  • 24M, Jln SS21/39, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya 47400 Selangor. (Beside Standard Chartered Bank)
  • Farenheit 88, Parkamaya 3F, Bukit Bintang

For more info checkout Akiyo Official website and like Akiyo FB Page for their latest updates.



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