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[Tutorial] Halloween: Mysterical Blue Sugar Skull Look

So last Saturday I was overly sad and bored because Kei$ha concert has cancelled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called for almost two week to get through to win the ticket but damn…. it was cancelled!!!!!!!!! Woke up in the morning feeling absolutely sad and lonely!!!!! Thank god toward noon, Zouk send me a message that there will be Halloween Party at night!!!!! Since I wanted to test the Halloween Makeup before the big Allianz 1942 Halloween Party happening tonight I thought since I draw the whole face already let’s flaunt it!!!!!! I made a call and they told me there will be Tarot card reading for every guest!!!!!! I’m sold and make a call to Thomas that we will be going for that tonight!!!!!!!

DIY Flower Crown with Bird Cage

I took about an hour to make a last minute Flower Crown with bird cage!

Halloween Tutorial2

Okay I think I don’t need to share with you how to make flower crown because they are all over YouTube!! As for me I did not do a full flower crown and this is in fact on the side only…I don’t have enough time to wrap the remaining wire with rope or more leaves…

Well bird cage tutorial is not much available in YouTube though….but it’s really simple… Try this tutorial but instead of using the metal comb which is quite hard to find last minute, use the normal bobby pin and punch across the tulle material and clip onto your hair!

Halloween Tutorial2Flower Crown & Tulle
Halloween Tutorial3Punch through the tulle with your bobby pins!
Just attach the bird cage on the side of your head and then put on the flower crown!
Where to get cheap Artificial Flowers?

I went to SSF Home branch in Cheras, they have beautiful flowers but the price can go up to RM10 – RM 30 for each flower. The same goes to Ikea Artificial Flower. Then my friend intro me Kaison at Paradigm Mall but still it’s selling at RM 6 – RM 30 each! Well, I was lucky because just opposite my office in Kelana Jaya SS 25 (Just opposite Paradigm Mall) there is a shop selling artificial flowers and other accessories for Malay Wedding ceremony. So here the flowers can be as cheap as RM 3.50 for 5 stroke of flower bundle together!!!!!! That’s like RM 0.70 each…However, the quality may not be as good as the one in Kaison but I feel it’s alright for me (look at above picture, they look pretty still no?)!! For that price I can’t comment much!

DIY Halloween Costume

So done with head pieces, we move on to costume… I am on budget this few months. Thus I tried to minimize my spending!!!!!! So I thought of reusing my old costume (corset and tutu) If you want to know how I make them check out my post on Sexy Masquerade Corset Party.


Face Painting Type

Now the hardest part comes…Instead of make up I think this is more suitable to be called as face painting. Why? Because I paint on my face like I paint a drawing!

So this is my first time and I didn’t know there is so many type of face painting… Generally there are two types!! Latex based and cream based. Latex based are for creating special effect like wound, crack face and damaged skin just like zombie or ghost face. Apparently this latex paint can also be used on creating nails special effect. I have not google about it yet. Next round perhaps!

Halloween Tutorial5Latex Based Face Paint

Well I didn’t know as I just ask whether its for Halloween and the sales girl say yes. After I purchased them I test on my face and it cracked so I go google about it and realize there is another type! So cream based that are selling in my country Malaysia have two type. One is these type face paint ( I think is the same type with what Michelle Phan use) which create more matte finish I think ( I did not purchase because it was too expensive for me) I just test it on my hand. It cost about RM 40 each and the below palette cost more than hundred…. Also one small paint will only sufficient for one whole face plus neck area.


So I decided to purchase clown white which is much more bigger in size and cost almost similar. Clown white are more moist and is not so smooth finish compared to the earlier one.

imageMehron Clown White

You can consider buying this ProFACE Setting Powder to set the moist finish.

imageProFACE Setting Powder

I did not get these as I googled and some people recommend to use baby powder to set the clown white. So the below look was achieved by using baby powder and I think it’s not perfect because the powder keep falling and it make my face feel so sticky that my hair keep sticking to it! I am still considering whether to purchase the setting powder for tonight look.

Where to Buy Painting, Blood and Last Minute Costume?
For Face Painting or Blood You can purchase from Cinema Makeup:
51-53B (2nd Floor) Jalan SS 25/2,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor,  Malaysia.
Enquiry: +603-7880 2301
Fax: +603-7880 2310
SMS: +6016-2330016
E-mail: [email protected]
For Last minute Costume You can get it at the following shop:
Cool Costume
1, Jalan Imbi.Berjaya Times Square 06-90
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60321417655/ 60321415655/0108113113

p/s there is another shop same level with cool costume..But I cant find the name in Google..Just walk around that level!

 Face Painting Tutorial

So here are the item I use to paint may face.
Halloween Tutorial1

1. Too Face Pretty Rebel Palette (My current fav because of the unique and pigmented colors)
2. In2it Sky Blue Eye shadow
3. Sephora Color Eyeliner & Inglot Black Liquid Eyeliner
4. Benefit Be Real Mascara
5. Etude House Any Cushion (Liquid Foundation)
6. Mehron Clown White
7. Nature Republic Loose Powder
8. EconSave Baby Wipes (I use it like facial wipes because it’s so cheap and so soft!)
9. Annabelle Blusher
10.Holi Holika Lip Concealer (My current love because it does not dries up my lips)
11. Physician Formula Dark Eye Circle Concealer (My love at the moment)
12. Laura Mercier Eye Primer
13. MUA Primer
14. Payot BB Cream
15. Brushes
16. Baby Powder (not in picture)
17. Glitters & Eyelash Glue (not in picture)
18. Fake Lashes (not in picture)

How to Paint?

First start with a thick foundation base because the paint may cause your face to have allergy and it may suck away all your skin moisture. So I put on primer, BB cream and then Liquid Foundation (Any Cushion). Try to use a lighter shade because you want a pale or white face. Finish your base with thick loose powder and I top with baby powder too to make it look more pale. First time I did not put thick foundation layer, my face got so many red spot after removing!

Don’t forget to conceal your lips too before you paint your lips. If you don’t have lip concealer use a nude lipstick instead! 

Then apply the clown white all over your face and set with lots of baby powder or translucent powder if you have one. The baby wipes or facial wipes are for you to clean your hand when you are painting using various colors!!!!!

Once you done with your face you can start drawing using eyeliner pencil/ liquid. Use your imagination, it need not to be perfect!Play around with colors and you will be surprised by the outcome!

Tips: Can also use your lipstick to color your eye crease.

Sorry I will not do a full tutorial here because the look is not perfect yet…After tonight I shall do a full video tutorial how to paint. You can refer to below video by Michelle Phan on Sugar Skull Tutorial.

Here is my complete look at Zouk Halloween Party!


Here is some of the pictures I take when Im in Zouk Halloween Party!



C360_2013-10-26-23-35-59-147with Pocahontas
C360_2013-10-26-23-18-05-567Dancing Performance!
C360_2013-10-26-23-26-20-189Tarot Card reading!


So I hope you get some tips for Halloween costume and painting ya…Stay tune for my next week video on my full sugar skull look!!I can’t wait for tonight!!!!



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