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[GIVEAWAY] Jun Catra Coffee Challenge: Fahrenheit 600

Happy Monday people!! Are you all having good time joining my giveaway??? Do you guys want more giveaway?? Let me know so I can arrange moreeeeeeee giveaway for you guys….Tell me what you guys like? beauty product? food? services? gadget? Just drop me a comment okay?

Well well well, coffee has always been my favourite all the time and this month i would love to pampered all my readers with a good cuppa of coffee with a great homemade pizza to go along. Hold on to the giveaway, I know you are excited to know what I am going to give out this time; as usual I shall share with you my thoughts on the food and the good cuppa coffee I enjoyed at my recent visit to Fahrenheit 600.
Located at Solaris Dutamas, basically is the shop rows next to Publika a place where a groups of coffee cafe is mushrooming along with other restaurant. One might have miss this cafe as it’s quite hidden at the corner. It was fate which bring me and Sarah to this restaurant as the restaurant we plan to go is closed… We thought why not give this a try since the interior design and the ambient is extremely good. Bang!! It was a good one!!!


A walk into the restaurant, I instantly felt the warm ambient and was delighted to see how the staff baked the pizza in their open kitchen with the huge brick oven. Their brick oven is imported from America and can goes up to 600 Deg Celcius. I guess that’s how the name come in mind…


The staff preparing the pizza from scratch… All the dough, sauces and mozzarella cheese are made in house.


From the look of it I am pretty sure the pizza will taste heavenly!
I was lucky to be able to speak to the owner Mr Hamid. According to him, the delicious pizza recipe and the dessert are the creation of a chef who originally from France. They constantly looking into making new creation to add into the menu.

Fahrenheit 6005Lovely portrait on the wall!

As much as I love coffee, I do enjoy food too…So while my title is featuring coffee but I can’t take too much coffee at one go… This month it’s about pizza and coffee… Hamid actually bring a special coffee blend from Italy.

So let’s begin with our first round coffee venture..

First Round

Fahrenheit 6007Fahrenheit 600, Signature Tomato Sauce, Eggplant, Green Pepper & Feta Cheese. RM 18.90 for 9inch and RM 22.90 for 12inch
Fahrenheit 6008Stuffed Mushroom (Portobello), Tomato Sauce, Minced Beef & Cheese. RM 9.90
Fahrenheit 6009Go Turkey, Turkey, Tomato, Lettuce, Jalapeno & chips on Banquette. RM 21.90
Fahrenheit 60010Mint Latte. RM 9.90

You must be wondering, where’s the description of the food??? LOLx!! This time around I took a video of the restaurant ambient as well as my thoughts on the food and coffee…

So take a look on my video as this time I will not write much!! Do let me know whether you prefer my food review in video or in writing form okay?

After much chatting, we continue with a second round where we indulge in a series of cakes…I did not take a video on the desserts so I will just write down the taste of it like I do usually!

They using natural ingredient to bake their cake as well as to cook their food. No preservative, food conditioner or MSG. This Tiramisu, made by using the natural cocoa powder and thus it does not have that strong flavour compared to other Tiramisu I had before…. I like it a little bit stronger in the coffee flavour,. No alcohol.. Alcohol is not added into the cake and the cream is mild enough to give the creaminess I looked for. Best thing is, it taste so light and fresh where it does not make you feel gaggy on it!

Fahrenheit 60012Tiramisu, RM 9.90

I don’t usually go for White Chocolate as it is too sweet for me. For this White Chocolate cake with Hazelnut, I would make an exception as the sweetness is right for my taste bud. Similar to the Tiramisu the cream is so fresh!! I can take few more pieces!

Fahrenheit 60013White Chocolate cake with Hazelnut

The final cake that we tried that day is The Flan, look like a solid custard cake to me. Super springy and solid texture comes in a sweet flavour. Not so much of my taste. However, Thomas loved it to the bits. According to him, the pure vanilla essences is induced into the custard to bring out the flavour which is truly satisfying for him!

Fahrenheit 60014The Flan

I decided to take on another shot of Espresso extracted from another blend from French. Strangely, I love the strong bitterness. It give the aftertaste bitterness that linger in my mouth for quite sometime.

Fahrenheit 60015Espresso, RM 5.90
On and off, the Chef will offer some Sorbet of the Day sampling to diners…
Fahrenheit 6002A picture of me enjoying a treat from the Chef of Banana Sorbet!

and our picture with the uber cool music player…

Fahrenheit 6001

So after watching my video and reading the awesome food and coffee, do you feel like trying them? If you do then today is your lucky day as I’m giving a 30% off any food and beverages in Fahrenheit 600 for all participating readers and one lucky reader will walkaway with a Grand Prize of Complimentary pizza.

Let the giveaway begin!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms & Condition
1. This campaign is open to all participants residing in Malaysia only.
2. To participate in this giveaway, kindly register via the app and complete all tasks necessary. Do make sure you key in your valid email address so I can inform you via email.
3. Incomplete entries will be void.
** I will do the cross checking to ensure all entries is completed.
4. Winners will be chosen randomly using Rafflecopter App.
5. Winners will be contacted via e-mail within one week from 21st July 2013.
6. 30% off discount for all order can be redeemed from 31st July to 31st August
7. Cindy’s Planet has the right to amend the terms and conditions of the giveaway, subjected to availability of prizes and how the prize will be given/received.

Till then enjoy the rest of the week….

Fahrenheit 600
A4-G2-05, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.



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