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Winter Blues: The Best Pick Me Ups For Your Skin

Why shouldn’t your skin glow in the winter? And, that’s not the type of glow caused by the bitter breeze outdoors. Not everyone enjoys looking like Rudolph. Winter can be harsh on our skin. It dries out our pores, chaps our lips and causes unseemly red blotches that no-one wants to sport during a Christmas party. So, how do you keep your skin looking as wonderful as it usually does throughout the rest of the year? Here are some tips every woman should know.

Replace Your Face Wipes

Face wipes are often the most convenient way of taking off make-up at the end of a busy day or gaining a blank canvas in the middle of the day to re-apply make-up. However, face wipes are notorious for causing dry skin, especially during the Winter months. So, if you can avoid using them, do so. It’s best to replace wipes with a hydrating cleanser that allows your skin to retain its moisture. If you can’t do without face wipes in your daily routine, swap your usual wipes for water based baby wipes instead. They’re much kinder on your skin.


Use the Right Tools

You don’t have to take care of your skin manually anymore. There are many different precision epilators with cleansing brushes on the market. You can get some tips from who also specialize in skin treatments and laser hair removal. Sometimes, manually cleansing pores just isn’t good enough to get the results you want during the Winter, so investing in a cleansing brush could be the ideal solution.

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Use a Night-Time Oil

When you’re tucked up in bed, cozy and warm, it’s difficult to realize what your facial skin is going through. Your face is often the only part of your body subjected to colder temperatures during the night, and that can often result in dull skin and blemished skin. Your natural oils are absorbed quicker during colder nights, so it’s important to replace them. Using a sensitive oil treatment before bed will allow your skin to stay fresh without you feeling greasy. One of the most popular trends of 2017 is using coconut oil as a night-time mask.


Keep Exfoliating

When your skin is feeling dry, the last thing you’ll feel like doing is exfoliating. Common sense would suggest that rubbing exfoliating creams into your dry skin would make it worse. It’s the exact opposite. Exfoliating will help to remove dry skin and open your pores ready for moisturization. It’s important to get all the dirt and grime from the day removed from your skin, otherwise you risk developing blemishes.


Stop Waxing

Winter is often the busiest time for events and parties, so it’s only natural you want your legs looking as good as they can. But, waxing can make dry skin worse so you won’t achieve that silky softness you’re looking for. Switch to an epilator for hair removal instead. Using an epilator means you won’t have to wait so long for your hair to grow to get a smooth finish.

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