5 Clever Ways To Keep Your Home Safe When Travelling

When you travel, you’re looking for distraction, adventure, and pleasure besides the normal.

Perhaps you had a tough year at the office, and you want to clear your head somewhere quiet, or you desire some fun and adventure to blow off steam. 

Whatever the case, your home should be the least of your worries while traveling. Use these tips to keep your home safe whenever you’re on vacation.

Use Timers on Electronics

Even high-quality houses like the ones from Scenario Architecture design can attract the wrong attention if left for a week without activity. Thieves and burglars often monitor specific features like the lights, TV, and radio noise to determine whether you’re home or not.

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While leaving such electronics on is an option, it proves expensive in the long run as the bills escalate.

Instead, install timers into these electronics that automatically turn them on and off during certain times of the day to confuse any potential intruders.

Temporarily Suspend the Mail

An overflowing mailbox full of days’ or weeks’ worth of packages is a giveaway signal that you’re away on travel. If you want a stress-free vacation, temporarily suspend your mail receivership and reactivate it once you’re back.

When you plan to be away for a long time, it is better to ask a neighbor or close friend to pick up your mail once suspension expires after 30 days.

Kempt the Front Yard

The conditions of your front yard are very telling. A driveway full of snow and an overgrown lawn is one of the easy giveaways that you’re not at home.

Keep your home safe by paying someone to mow the lawn, shovel the pathways, and in case you have a garden, they should tend it when you’re not at home. For any other urgent needs, this should be your go-to person so that you can hold them liable in the event of anything.

Beware of Social Media

Although social media is a positive tool, it tends to put your house in danger when away on your travels. As is custom, you often feel the urge to post stunning pictures of your traveling experiences immediately. 

While there’s no harm in it, stalkers and criminals may take advantage of your absence and plan an invasion of your space. Instead, take beautiful photos of your travel and post them after you’re back from holiday to keep things under wraps.

Ask a Friend to Look Out

If you live in a community where everyone is busy, it is easy for thieves to break into your house in mid daylight. Asking a neighbor or friend to keep tabs on your house helps minimize the risk of a break-in.

Your travels should be fun and peaceful and not full of worries or despair. After all, that’s the reason for a vacation.

Keep your home safe when away by installing timers on electronics, temporarily suspending the mail, taking care of the front yard, avoiding posting on social media, and not posting on social media your whereabouts. Besides, you should ensure you have high security systems for better protection.








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