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De Maw Restaurant @ Cheras

After almost 2 month trying to get a spot to eat at De Maw Restaurant, finally I get a chance to try out their dishes.  During Chinese New Year season they closed for walk in and only cater for customer who book for full course dinner.

De Maw2

Customer who wish to have a meal here must be prepared for 1 hour waiting time. The chef spend time to cook a quality dish for every diners, so the wait is worth it! Their menu are not the common name you see in any Chinese Restaurant. Each dish taste uniquely that I assured you will be wowed by each distinctive flavour!

De Maw1The Traditional Door at De Maw Restaurant

De Maw Restaurant located near to Shamelin Perkasa where there is a row of pre-aged shop houses. Along the row there is actually quite a number of Chinese Restaurant to opt for lunch or even dinner. My long time favourite is Chuan Kee Restaurant which I have done a write up here.

From far I can smell the delicious aroma and it making me real hungry. A walk into the restaurant my filled my eye sight with beautiful presentation of good aroma food!! Filled with jade table and Chinese ancient theme design which give a calm and relaxing ambient. Me and my family enjoy dining here and after a tantalizing meal we will then have few more cup of tea while we catch up with each other after a long week at work.

De Maw3

Every table will get a free White Radish Soup. This clear soup with finely chopped spring onion look so enticing. The soup served hot and remained hot for another 10minutes!! This how I love my soup to be!! Boiling hot!! Usually when the soup is FOC it won’t taste good…It taste like the chef just simply boil the soup and simply give it for free. Surprisingly, this bowl of soup taste so sweet and it was filled with generous amount of white radish, smooth bean curd and chicken feet.

De Maw4White Radish Soup, Complimentary

The huge Steam Big Head Carp (Song Yu, 松鱼) with Bean Paste may sound common but trust me the various flavour that burst in my mouth is amazing. It does not only taste pungent from ginger but also a slight sourness very similar to drunken wine taste and a fresh fish sweetness infused with bean paste essence.

De Maw7Steam Big Head Carp (Song Yu, 松鱼) with Bean Paste, RM 35.00

Crab Roe Beancurd is another delicious pairing of Crab Roe, Bean Curd, Oyster Mushroom, Dried Wolfberries and springy Egg Cluster. The bean curd is incredibly smooth and soft that you can just suck it in without chewing it!! Smoother than Soya Milk Custard (Tau Foo Fah). The eggy gravy is thick and yet smooth with sweet flavour from the plump crab roe and wolfberries. A perfect dish to go with your fluffy white rice.

De Maw5Crab Roe Beancurd, RM 14.00

To sum up the meal, we order have this Sizzling Plate Deer Meat. The deer meat is cooked in a savoury sauce coat with lots of minced garlic. The tenderness and flavourful slice of deer meet has goes into my delicious book now!!!

De Maw6Sizzling Plate Deer Meat, RM 20.00

Each dish comes in a very huge portion and for the price we pay it’s consider CHEAP for me!! Not only big portion, they also ensure each dish filled with generous amount of seafood, meats and other ingredients. A very satisfying lunch and memorable one even though the staff wasn’t really friendly! They are not desperate for more business so their believe is, if you can’t wait you can leave. Depend on how you look at it..As for me the extinction food taste keep me returning for more.

If you wanna visit De Maw Restaurant for dinner remember to make a booking. I recommend you to go during lunch as it is less packed. They have about 10 tables and usually is fully booked during dinner time.

De Maw Restaurant

No. 18 Jalan Pudu Ulu,

off 3rd Mile Jalan Cheras,

56100 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact No: 03 9285 7833

Food: 9/10 (Unique taste)
Price: 9/10 (Big Portion at economical price)
Facility: 7/10
Ambient Environment: 8/10 (Comfortable Jade Table)
Service: 5/10


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