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Mikaku Ramen @ One Shamelin

Quite a numbers of Ramen Restaurant is opening up in Malaysia since last year. I had only tried Santouka Pavilion, which taste perfectly delicious for me but it’s quite pricey though. I found another ramen restaurant in town which is much more affordable!! Taste wise, you will have to read through my blog post to find out!

Mikaku Ramen situated at One Shamelin mall which is kinda a hidden gem for those who stay further away from Cheras! I have never been to this mall since it opened last year even I stay in Cheras.


The restaurant look very cute as it fills with comic bubble and Mikaku’s mascot (the little girl) all over the wall. This gives a very fresh and outstanding look to the restaurant. Easily noticeable from far!


The photo of the ramen look so enticing on the wall!! It does really attract people to order!! Slurrrpppp….

First up on our table was Shio Ramen which is lighter and plainer version. This is also the broth that require a vast experience to bring out the sweetness and essence of pork flavour of the broth. Though it may look simple but this is the best one among other Ramen in Mikaku. Love the generous amount of the spring onion, roast pork and seaweed. 

Mikaku6Shio Ramen

Then we have a slightly darker version which is Shoyu Ramen. The broth is added with Shoyu (soy sauce) which give a more savoury taste but it kind of covered the essence of the broth base. I prefer the plainer version one!

Mikaku24Shoyu Ramen

Both the Shio and Shoyu Ramen has the wax taste in the soup but not too strong. However the ramen was cooked to al-dente. Roast pork fat proportion is well balanced on each slice and it’s such a great moment to bite and chew on it. The soft boil egg is good too! It keep making me wanting more of it especially the half cooked yolk!!

Finally we have the miso base Ramen, Miso Ramen which is made of bean paste and has lots of minced meat, slices of black fungus and fat bean sprouts in it! Surprisingly, for a person who dislike spicy food, I love this beany bowl of ramen with a slight hint of spiciness. Apart from the Shio Ramen, this one also give me a very good impression and the flavour lingers in mouth the whole night. YUMMMEHHH

Mikaku15Miso Ramen

Mikaku not only specialized in classic ramen but also some other fusion noodle to suits local taste buds. Gomoku Katayakisoba is one of the new creation. Soba was deep fried before it is flooded with eggy gravy of chunks of seafood, pork slices, black fungus and cabbage. Very similar to our Cantonese Fried Noodle but the soba wasn’t as crispy as the fried vermicelli. Gravy is sweet and smooth, I have to say I love it so much that I almost ignore other noodle and have this all by myself!!

Mikaku25Gomoku Katayakisoba

Another red bowl with flakes of chilli which look almost like tomyam but do not mistaken, it’s in fact not so spicy and sour compare to tomyam. Gekikara Ramen also filled with seafood goodness! The broth is not too concentrated but rather plain. I do not find it tasty though! Perhaps I’m not a chilly fan!

Mikaku17Gekikara Ramen

After all the hot noodle especially those spicy one, we shall need something cooling to balance our tummy temperature. This is when Hiyashi Chuka Ramen, a cold version!! Very refreshing taste but I don’t quite like the vinegar taste of it!

Mikaku16Hiyashi Chuka Ramen

Well had enough of noodle? Let’s try some rice in Hot Stone!!!!!!! Tori Teriyaki No Onsen Tamago Chahan is definitely something I will return to reorder. The spring egg is def my favourite of the night!! The rice though could have more flavour to impress me. The roast chicken was superb!! Non greasy but yet juicy!

Mikaku18Tori Teriyaki No Onsen Tamago Chahan

Kanitama Chahan, a fried rice wrap under a huge slice of egg (similar to Pattaya Fried Rice). It doesn’t leave a strong memory though. I remember the rice is rather wet and mushy. The sweet and sour just don’t quite right!

Mikaku19Kanitama Chahan

Yakisoba, is where soba is fried with lots of ingredients like chicken, seafood, black fungus and etc. A hint of sweet and salty all together. The noodle was slightly wet so it definitely taste different than the normal yakisoba. Served in a hot stone give a smoky aroma to the noodle which enhance the overall taste of the Yakisoba.


Jikasei Gyoza is rather a let down. Filling that are too little and taste a bit too oily.

Mikaku21Jikasei Gyoza

Shake Aburi Mentai Yaki Maki is the winner for the night!!! Succulent smoked salmon with mentai sauce top with cod roe is awesome!! The grains of rice is so fluffy, to chew it along with the tamago, lettuce and cucumber is amazingly delicious!! Salivating on it while im writing this…

Mikaku22Shake Aburi Mentai Yaki Maki

After that we have a demo on how to make a handroll by Mikaku chef. Each of us make our on handroll.

pageChef presenting how to make handroll

And this the California Handroll I make…Kinda happy when everyone praise my handroll look really good. The hand roll is very crunchy and lack of the juiciness of mayonaise. i prefer to ebiko to mixed with mayonnaise rather than the mayonnaise sauce alone.

Mikaku23California Handroll

Overall their Ramen not the best I have taste but their price is definitely one of the more affordable ones. The price for a bowl of ramen range from RM 15 – RM 20.

Mikaku Ramen
C-G-03, Ground Floor,
1 Shamelin Shopping Mall,
100, Jalan 4/91,
Taman Shamelin Perkasa,
56100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-9281 3385
Fax: 603-9281 4552

Email: [email protected]
Business Hours: 11.30am – 10.00pm daily

Food : 7/10
Price : 9/10
Facility : 6 (Located far from main city and nothing much around)
Ambient Environment: 8/10
Service: 8/10

MUST ORDER : Shio Ramen, Tori Teriyaki No Onsen Tamago Chahan & Shake Aburi Mentai Yaki Maki



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