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Tickling my Taste Buds

Yes I would give up wearing SEXY dress to indulge in food!! Ask any whom knows me best would prolly tell that stop eating or eat lesser just to fit in that DRESS is so not ME!! NEVER EVER!!! The reason behind it is that I cannot live without able to indulge in all the delicious, scrumptious, glorious, exotic food which life has to offer.

My current in trend would snap away a picture of everything before I place them inside the mouth which after ate it, the picture taken would be straight upload it to Instagram!! Another addiction or rather being habitual of mine!! Did you check out how many mouth watery foods that I’ve uploaded to Instagram for a month??


Not too much about 50 pictures per month…There are more just that I didn’t have time to upload one by one into Instagram.

I decided to do a round up post on 5 dishes that tickled my taste bud and these food leave me craving for it everyday!!

1. Ala Carte Japanese Buffet at Tatsu : The Smooth and Succulent Flab of Sashimi!

imageTatsu – Sashimi

Tatsu serves ala-carte Japanese buffet for weekend dinners. There is wide selection of dishes that worth to revisit and primarily, this plate of Sashimi which is one of many that is the most memorable ones. The very thought of the thick slab of bright red-orange flesh Salmon and the creamy white color Butter Fish, taste as fresh as it was just caught from the sea and the deep rich flavour is so exquisite that just makes me drool even when I’m typing it now!

imageClockwise Tako (Octopus), Abura Bouzu (Butter Fish), Salmon, Tuna, Kanpachi (White Tail)

For other dish review please read my previous blog post on Tatsu here.

2. Croissant in Paris : Anywhere in Paris

imageParis – Croissant

Ohh, Bonjour. Paris, the great city of LOVE in the country of France that I would love to revisit again someday!! Their Croissant is de BEST that I’ve ever had in my entire life! I can’t get any Croissant texture that would compare with the one I had in Paris. Any croissant that I’d pick when I’m in Paris is simply scrumptious and delicious. Every croissant has that perfect texture of multi layered which a croissant should have, buttery aroma and flaky in every bite!!! Another type of croissant I’ve had chanced on is the Chocolate Chip Croissant. The Chocolate Chip would melt and dissolve when it enters the mouth along with the soft crusty layered flaky croissant. DELICIOUS!!!!

3. Lia Cafe, Jimbaran, Bali Seafood Dinner By the Sea

Have you ever dine on a table set up on top of the sand?? My first experience is at Jimbaran Bali.

imageDinner by the beach at Jimbaran, Bali.

A delicious meal does not compromise only on the taste but also the environment of the restaurant we dine in. In Jimbaran, it rose to the challenge and met on both aspect of requirement! The taste and environment at Lia Cafe is a definite BINGO!!

imageLia Cafe – Prawns, Clams, Fish & Crabs at Lia Cafe

The size of the fresh seafood is humungous and with just some simple barbequing, it brings out the deep rich flavour of each seafood selection. A fine layer of marinate spices was used to cover the seafood while barbequing. It has definitely given some dimension of the overall taste leaving a slight savoury and spicy taste! Licking my finger off the spices and sucking the shells while listening to sound of waves is indeed very delightful! So if you are visiting Bali remember to drop by!!! Bali is filled with tantalizing seafood meals!!!

For more yummilicious post on Bali do checkout my Bali write up here.

4. ACME Bar, KL : Light as Air Pavlova

Imagine floating on air or flying through the skies on the first scoop of it!! It was heavenly to be in love with this plate of vibrant colour of Light as Air Pavlova.

ACME Bar Light as Air PavlovaACME Bar – Light as Air Pavlova

The taste is absolutely as how it names tells, LIGHT AS AIR!! The cream is light but yet solid creamy texture and it is very fresh!! Not forgetting the strawberry slice which adds more freshness to the entire dessert serving. The crisp strawberry seed and its sour-sweet smooth flesh are perfectly balanced with the cream!!! The base passion fruit syrup completes the entire desserts really well! Heavenly delicious!!!

5. Coco Steamboat Taman Tayton : The Bone Soup

This is one of a steamboat type that filled with goodness of pork bones. Every sip of the soup infused with the strong flavour resulting from the hours of boiling the soup with pork bones. This milky version of soup is such a divine to be drank!

imageCOCO Steamboat – Pork Bone Soup

Beside the soup, every ingredient served is amazingly fresh and delicious. Their homemade dumplings and meatball are something that you can’t get at any other place!!! On rainy season it’s perfect to gather together with a pot of boiling steamboat!!


For full review on Coco Steamboat please refer to this link.

These are the 5 foods or meal which lingers in my mind almost everyday. I love every bits of it!! If you are a foodie like me and a Nuffnanger, do remember to post about your foodventure to be invited to join exclusive Nuffnang Foodie group. For more info click here.

I hope this 5 scrumptious dish of mine score me an invite to this awesome FOODIE group!! So signing off for now… Good night.






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