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How to Gift The Perfect Jewelry

Getting the right accessory for a friend, family member, or partner can be a tricky thing to manage. Everyone’s taste differs when it comes to jewelry. Some people love big, bold cocktail pieces; others are totally enamored with smaller diamonds. 

Here are some quick tips for gifting the best jewelry:


A person’s style will come into play. You can work off their most worn colors and their style to find something unique and beautiful for them. 

When giving gifts, we can get caught up in what we want to give, rather than what the perfect piece is for our intended gift. 

Take your time, match the jewelry to their style. 


Gold, silver, rose gold, polished black… The list is endless of different tones of jewelry. Carefully pay attention to the tones your friends usually wear. This is most likely their loved tone. But also pay attention to what they don’t wear. 

This can help you to avoid choosing something they will never wear. 


Rings, necklaces, big hoop earrings, arm bangs, toe rings… there is an endless list of cool stuff that you can buy for your intended gift. 

But if you know for sure they never wear a necklace, then unless it is sentimental safe-keeping only, choose something they will enjoy wearing. 

There is a delight in wearing jewelry that has been gifted to you, even if the rings are stacked between offer or a lesser value. Or even if their diamond-encrusted earrings steal the show instead of their well-thought-out outfit. 

Wearing an accessory that someone has gifted you is lovely. 

If you  decide that it is diamonds or nothing, be sure you know where your diamonds come from.

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