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Jennifer Lopez Dance Again 2012 World Tour Live in Malaysia

The rain just won’t stop for one day! Rain since evening till late night! If you saw my previous tweet of FB updates, Thomas won a pair ticket to watch JLo Dance Again 2012 World Tour Live in Malaysia. I was so happy that I almost jump up and down in my office….JLo is one of the artist that I admire most especially her R&B songs with her magnificent dance moves!!


Since it was raining heavily tonight, I decided to be camera free for a night and just listen to JLo and dance with JLo!

There are quite a lots of early birds and everyone is wearing raincoat! Umbrella is not allowed in the concert! We waited in raincoat from 8pm til about 9pm before JLo sing her first song Get Right! Well my ticket was the normal ticket which means faraway from the stage! So my phone can’t take much clear picture of JLo!


Her first costume look with dusty cover up!

imagePicture courtesy of

She continue to sing “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”, “I’m into You”and “Waiting for Tonight” before changing to another costume! Her first few song has already make everyone go so high! Some even dance along with the song! Her voice is so strong and she can catch her breath very well when dancing!

imageJenny from the Block is here! Picture courtesy of

She sing all the song from her fist album!! I listen to those during secondary schools…So much memory!  She start with “Goin In” and then Medley if “I’m Real”, “All I have“, “Äint it Funny

She dance continuously yet her voice is still so strong! Stunning performance. Then she change to a very sweet blue dress and sing “If You Had my Love” acoustic version her very first single! In this song, can really hear her super sweet and enchanting voice!

imageI love the entire dress flow!! Picture courtesy of

Then the rain eventually stop and the heat is up when JLo comes out with another stunning costume!

imageIt give a Mysterious Feel! Picture courtesy of

She make the crowd go screaming when she sing “Let’s Get Loud”.

Jennifer asked where are all the ladies and the Papi? Everyone scream like crazy!! Papi is what Jennifer used call men back in her country! So “Papi” is the next song!!

The concert end with her super hot dance performance in “On the Floor”. especially when she shakes her butt!! Bootylicious Baby!! The front row must have a great time!!

More, more, more…We want more….the crowd scream!!!

Within minutes Jlo appear with her shiny costume to perform the final song “Dance Again”.

imageIt’s a see through piece!! Gorgeous!Picture courtesy of

That was really amazing closing performance!


This is really a very great performance by the Diva! Even we were all wet ít is all worth it!! If she ever Dance Again in Malaysia I will buy the VIP tickets!! and Thank you to Tiger for giving us the free tickets!

So long for the updates from me…Good night yo….


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