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Tatsu Intercontinental KL: 88 dishes Ala-Carte Weekend Japanese Buffet Dinner

The moment I got to know I won the Michelin Pilot Experience which entitled me 3D2N at Intercontinental KL, I immediately book dinner for 2 at Tatsu, Ala carte Weekend Japanese Buffet Dinner without any hesitation!!!

“I think about this Sashimi every week!!”


The dinner begin at 6.30pm, but well swimmer like me and we are staying at Intercontinental wor…must go swim swim at the beautiful pool so I can eat more later!!! 


So after swimming and shower, we arrived at about 8 pm. We thought 2 hour is sufficient but we are wrong..continue to read and you will know why I said so!


Tatsu Japanese Restaurant located at InterContinental KL (Formerly known as Nikko Hotel). Here you get to salvage in all the sushi and sashimi you ever wanted, for just RM98++ during weekend. Choose as many as you want from 88 items listed on the menu. List includes Sashimi, Teppanyaki, Sushi, Maki, hand Roll, Rice, Noodles, Desserts, Soup and lots more. Now scroll down and see it with you own eyes how tasty each dish could be!!

Spacious and lots of seats available! For those who want to watch the chef slice the fresh meat live this is a good spot!!


For us, we prefer more space and privacy, thus we seats at the 2 sitter table.


Wide range of liquor and wines!


Only 5 dishes per order is allowed. So our first 5 dishes contains my favorite sashimi (the first dish ordered)!!

1.Sashimi, Clockwise Tako (Octopus), Abura Bouzu (Butter Fish), Salmon, Tuna, Kanpachi (White Tail)

Every slice is unbelievably fresh and delicious. It melt in my mouth as soon as it goes into my mouth. The Abura Bouzu (Butter Fish) is highly recommended, it’s sea sweet, thick, creamy and soft texture totally amazed me. The salmon is similarly good. This is the best sashimi I have so far compared to those commonly available Sushi Zanmai and it’s even outdo other Japanese Buffet Jogoya and Munakata (see my review here).


 2. Aigamo (Smoked Wild Duck Breast served Cold)

This is a must order! Tender and smokey duck breast. Great appetizer!


3. Nasu Densaku (Grilled Eggplant)

Crispy skin and tender white flesh beneath the skin. But no WOW factor!TatsuE5

4. Tofu Salad

Smooth Tofu on top of fresh romaine salad with light salad dressing. Refreshing!!


5. Salmon Fish Neck

I never tried fish neck nor salmon neck.  This is another one you should not miss!! What a perfect slicing skill. Love the flaky sweet orange flesh rich with omega 3 rich.


All the above were starters and now here comes the main Teppanyaki, Grilled Fish and lots more!

6. Mini Scallop Teppanyaki

This is mini? I don’t know how big would giant be. This to me is very big and juicy scallop! Do not miss this too!


7. Beef Teppanyaki

Oh this is one juicy and chewy beef. Love it to the max!! Do try this ya! 


8. Shisamo

Barbequed to perfection! Crispy and love the fresh little leg wrapped within the flesh! Taste even better if you squeeze the lemon juice onto it!


9. Sanma

Equally good with really crispy skin. It’s just getting better!


10. Grilled Salmon

The salmon is good but the sweet sauce/ Teriyaki they used is way too sweet!! I had inform the chef, not sure any improvement. You may try one dish if too sweet then you want to skip Unagi too!!


11. Grilled Cod Fish

We love the cod but not the sauce!


12. Unagi Kabayaki

Like I say earlier too sweet, other than that it taste all good! Unagi is soft and served hot!! No small bones detected, which is good!


13. Unagi Yanagawa ( Grilled Unagi with eggs)

If Kabayaki is too sweet try this. The egg balanced out the sweetness egg make the whole dish something to die for!!


14. Tofu Teppanyaki 

oooo this is very soft and smooth…Irresistible!


15. Yakitori

I don’t like that the chicken has “chicken taste”, like it wasn’t store properly in the fridge!


16. Assorted Tempura

There is Ebi, Soft Shell Crab, Yasai, kakiage,Pumpkin, Sweet Potato and Lily Bulb. Since battered is very heavy and will stuff the stomach quick, I recommend only order Ebi, Soft Shell Crab and Lily Bulb. Crunchy and sweet!



Next up is the warm soup session!!! Slurp slurp..

17. Mini Sukiyaki

I love the beef texture but again the soup is too sweet. I love Sukiya Pavilion KL more (see my review here)!! Moreover this serve in a bowl, not boiling hot!!


18. Dobin Mushi (Seafood Broth in Teapot)

Squeeze the lime in and pour on a small cup and drink it up! A pot full of seafood treasures!!The flavors of seafood is infused into the soup! Brilliant!


19. Ocha Suke

A green tea soup based with salmon flakes. Quite bland to me!


20. Salmon Fish Head Soup

Great soup flavor!


21. Udon

Nevermind.. Don’t bother to order this unless you extra space in your stomach!


Other common dishes… 

22. Soft Shell Crab Hand Roll

Crunchy and freshly fried Soft Shell Crab. I prefer more mayonnaise to give more moist!


23. Iidako

Small in size but very chewy and gravy!


24. Chilled Cucumber with Miso Paste

My favorite!! Very Refreshing, good to have it in between dishes!


25. Chawan Mushi

Not as smooth as the one i had in Rakuzen! Consider to skip this..  


26. Edamame

Great to chew in between each dish!!  


27. Matcha Ice Cream 

This is definitely end my meal in sweet. I love the red bean paste!! The Matcha flavor is so strong and ice cream is smooth and melts appropriately in my mouth!


28. Goma (Black Sesame) Ice Cream 

The aromatic black sesame ice cream taste magnificent!


29. Chocolate Fondue 

We have quite high expectation for this. But it’s rather disappointing. Dipping mandarin oranges onto chocolate doesn’t impress us..It’s not a sweet ending..rather bitter I’d say!!


And so that bitterish chocolate fondue end our dinner. We were stuffed..barely could move and we stayed till 11.30 pm. We just can finish all at short time! The staff is very kind as they never rush us to finish our dinner! They supposed to closed at 10.15pm… That’s an hour extra..

“Our record: 29 types and 39/88 dishes. That’s such a record consider only 2 of us?”

Ciki completed 15 dishes  (see her review here)

Actually this is our 3rd pre-anniversary celebration, so I would like to take this opportunity to wish my darling, Thomas Happy Anniversary. Your present has bring a lot of meaning to me.

Food: 9/10 ( awesome sashimi)
Price: 9/10 (Worth every cent we paid!)
Cleanliness: 9/10 (Tidy and neat)
Ambient Environment: 8/10 (Spacious and very dimmed lighting. Great for couple!)
Service: 9/10 ( they attend to all our need and they stayed an hour more for us. *shamed*)


Tatsu Japanese Restaurant,
InterContinental Hotel Kuala Lumpur,
165 Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60 3 2782 6118

Operation Hour: 12.00 noon – 2.15 pm, 6.30pm – 10.15pm
Price: only RM98++ per adult, RM49++ (children aged 6-12)
The a la carte buffet is available for both lunch and dinner on Sat, Sun and Public Holidays.

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