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5 Tips to accessorizing your bridesmaids

A wedding day is almost every girl’s dream and something to look forward to all our lives. Weddings, however, come with a lot of preparation and dedication to ensure that everything goes perfectly. One major part of the preparations include getting the best dresses, shoes, and accessories for you and your bridesmaids. To help you prepare for this big day, below are a couple of tips you can use to accessorize your bridesmaids.

  1.  Get creative

While accessorizing mainly consists of using jewelry like necklaces and earrings, you might want to consider trying different things as well. For instance, using a flower is a creative way to accessorize your bridesmaids. It creates a feminine, gentle, graceful look for your bridesmaids which is quite attractive. In addition to this, using flowers as accessories is quite affordable. Your bridesmaids are likely to be spending a lot already on the shoes and their dress, and therefore getting them a cheaper alternative for accessories can be quite nice of you.

  1. Visit multiple shops

While shopping for bridesmaid jewelry, do not tire from checking out multiple shops. This will help you check out multiple designs of jewelry that will suit all your bridesmaids. Doing this kind of thorough search will also help to ensure that you get quality items at an affordable price. You may even end up getting a retailer who can supply both dresses and accessories for you.

  1. Shop for accessories after the clothes

Accessories can be lined to go well with any outfit that you get your bridesmaids. It is therefore wise to shop for them after you have got clothes. As an illustration, for a dress with a plunging neckline, it is best to invest in long v shape type of necklace. To avoid such mishaps of mismatched jewelry and outfits, it is thus best to buy the accessories after, or carry a few with you while shopping for the bridesmaids’ dresses.

  1. Have a unifying theme

There is a big likelihood that your bridesmaids will have similar dresses or dresses of a similar color but different designs. If this is the case, then go ahead and unify their accessories as well. You can opt to go for a classic option such as pearls or something a bit more flashy such as diamond earrings. Having uniform gems and avoiding mixing different types of jewelry such as gold and silver will ensure that you obtain one classy look. You as the bride can, of course, have a bit more gems so as to stand out from your bridesmaids since it is your special day.

  1. Hear their opinions

As, a bride, you have to remember to grant your bridesmaids freedom to speak out their mind as well. Listen to what they have to say and use their ideas as well as yours to come up with beautiful looks for your big day. Remember that accessories are not the type that fit everyone the same way, and you thus have to select the type of earrings or necklace, for instance, that will fit your bridesmaid best.

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