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Malacca: The Extraordinary Food Hunting Part 1/2

Since last year, I have been hoping to visit Malacca again for their authentic Nyonya food…I was so busy the last few month , a result of craving too much on the Malacca food we decided to plan a day trip there. This time we will drill into every corner of Malacca to discover some other local food that we have not eaten before.

We reach Taman Bukit Beruang around 8 am, finding our way to Chia Yen Coffee House for the famous Duck Noodle…Located at the corner of the row of shops beside the Medan Selera Bukit Beruang, GPS Coordinates: N2 14.779 E102 16.489


M04When come to noodle, the soupy version always be my choice and thus I order the duck mee hon soup. The first seep of the darkish soup base was very flavorful, very similar to the herbal soup but this with intense duck meat flavor. The duck meat itself is well cooked and they have load the bowl of noodle with lots of duck meat flakes…A spoonful of the soup with the mee hon and flakes of duck meat make a great start for my Malacca trip!


I am the only one who ordered the soup one while other order the dry duck noodle. This by means the yellow mee or mee hon is tossed with dark soya sauce and duck meat flakes were place on top. For me the mee hon is quite bland and of course duck meat is equally good. The portion of both soup and dry is just sufficient to satisfy my hungriness and not too much as I still have a long list of food to try on..


Without wasting time, we head to the town park our car and walk around for some photo snapping to helps digest the food and continue to the next food..



Thomas has repeated remind me to bring him to buy some souvenir for his family…So we swing by Gu Pong Enterprise at Jonker Street. The sell varieties of all time favorite homemade biscuit like Lao Poh Peng, Pineapple Tart, Heong Peah, Tau Sah Peah and many more snacks…Aside from biscuit, a varieties of 3 in 1coffee packages are available too! M10

My family, on the other hand tell me NOT to buy them any biscuit…funny but true…we don’t fancy snacking too much…So I have nothing to do there but to walk around the shop and that’s when I saw a tray of Siew Pau freshly baked from oven on the table…Never thought it could be so crispy. The filling, mixture of pork meat flakes, green peas and onion is so juicy and chewy.


Time for lunch and Nyonya Laksa is a good choice to fill up our stomach. This time instead of Jonker 88 we head to Donald and Lily Nyonya food located just beside of the Casa Del Rio Hotel.


I feel amazed on the setting inside the dining area. It feel very cozy just like in those old days in my grandma house. The painting hanging on the wall is vintage…Love it..

For starter, a plate of Rojak Nyonya style. The rojak sauce is similar to the one we could find in KL, but this one the shrimp paste flavor is stronger. The only differences is they add fish balls and white tau foo which help balance out the rawness of the fruits. BUT they skip the crispy cracker, if they add in it will be Perfect. Highly recommended to try this out, another great Rojak besides Penang Rojak.


The star of day, Nyonya Laksa. I have a high expectation for this star but it jus turn my expectation from bright to dull. The laksa soup is diluted and the lemak was too little. More disappointing is the laksa is not boiling hot. Jonker 88’s laksa taste way better than this laksa!


This is the end of our first half of the food hunting…

Stay Tune for for the next half on Part 2 of the food hunting…



  • Sean

    malacca is my hometown! but i don't go back very often. when i was growing up, my favorite food in malacca was the char kuey teow, satay celup and popiah, but i don't know if those stalls are still around anymore 😀

  • Cindy

    eh i never taste delicious cha kuey teow in Malacca eh…But Satay celop is definitely my favorite but lately realize the standard of the sticks of seafood has drop drastically…

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