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SushiVid Influencer Workshop

Hey yall, how’s things going on? Last weekend I am so happy to attend the workshop organize by SushiVid to leanr more on youtube content creating. Youtube is rising and actually I watch more youtube than TV. I always love creating videos and it’s good that I get to learn more on how other youtubers make their channel more interesting and how to get more subscriber.

So you guys must be wondering what is SushiVid? SushiVid is an influencer marketplace that connects brands to social media influencers. With over 500 content creators, SushiVid helps brands scale and simplify the process of launching and managing an influencer campaign by providing YouTube analytics to gauge the effectiveness of a campaign.

During the workshop, we also learn from brands like Lazada on the things they look into when deciding which influencer they pick for their marketting campaign.

MDEC’s VP of Creative Content and Technologies Hasnul Hadi Samsudin said that its focus has always been about growing Malaysia’s digital economy and the new media space. “We would like to support and create a complete New Media community that will learn and leverage on each other, and hope they will utilise platforms like SushiVid to fuel their growth together,” said Hasnul

SushiVid chief executive office Foong Yuh Wen said SushiVid’s vision is to enable those who want to become a content creator, become a successful one. Foong said SushiVid successfully paid out RM293,000 to long-tail influencers in the span of 10 months. I were suprised with this amount and many of us doesn’t even earn that much a year? Now we can start to think of the content of our videos. She also announced SushiVid’s future plans that includes new blogger integration and the introduction of a monthly pricing plan for brands wanting to engage in influencer marketing.
Comedian YouTubers Vikneswaran Veerasundar (Vikarworld), Adam Shamil, and Taneshh also shared heir experience working with brands, and creative process in creating fun and interesting content while maintaining authenticity. This is one the session that I look forward too. Its great to have insight on how these youtuber manage their channel.
Before the workshop end, there were lucky draw from generous sponsor like Hermo, b.liv, Havaianas, Lazada, MILO® NUTRI UP™, BLU, JBL, and ZICO® Coconut Water, Monster Energy, and TagBooth. I was really luck as I won a box of Bliv product, yes i got the famous Painless Blackhead Remover Gel!!!!!!!!! 

We also bring home a bag filled with goodies from Hermo, Lazada, Havaianas, ZICO and many more…
Thank you sushivid for this fun and informational workshop!

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