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The Taiwan Recipe @ Pearl Point

Starting with a great delight is another adventure which brings us to a place called Taiwan Recipe at Pearl Point, Old Klang Road.

Taiwan Recipe holds true to its name and nature by offering their wide selection of delectable Taiwanese style food which can be enjoyed without travelling there.

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At first glance on their menu, there is varieties of food and traditional dishes to choose from and definitely appeals to many. So let’s get picking and sink into delights.

Sliced Pork with Salted Vegetable Soup
(Rice set with 2 side dishes – RM 26.90)

A la Carte – RM 22.90

Served in the hot pot is the traditional 3-Cups Chicken (San Bei Ji). The unique name is called 3 cups chicken because traditionally the dish is cooked with 3 cups or parts: 1 cup of sesame oil, 1 cup of rice wine  and 1 cup of soy sauce thus the ‘3 cups’.  This would be a favourite dish because the flavors pair really well together.  It’s savory, yet sweet at the same time with a slight hint of spiciness and also the fragrance of the basil leaves. The chicken texture is tender and all you’ll need is a bowl of white rice.

3-Cups Chicken (San Bei Ji)
(Rice set – RM 23.90)
A la carte – RM 19.90

Every cuisine has its signature dish that’s unique, undeniably delicious, and unilaterally enjoyed by its people.  For Taiwanese cuisine,  it’s Minced Pork Stewed Rice which is Chinese-style donburi (rice covered in sauce) a home style dish of minced pork braised in rice wine, soy sauce, water, and five-spice powder until it’s soft and tender. The taste has tad of sweetness and melt in the mouth texture of meat with fried shallot on the side.

Minced Pork Stewed Rice – RM 10.90
Braised Tomato Beef 
(Rice set – RM 26.90)
A la carte – RM 22.90

Raising from the depths of the fiery heat and epitome of spiciness or so we thought. Spicy ‘Hell-Hot’ Ramen lived up to its namesake but rather on the milder tone as the broth was manageable while taking sips after sips and having the ramen with it.

Spicy ‘Hell-Hot’ Ramen – RM 14.90
Spicy ‘Hell-Hot’ Ramen – RM 14.90

On certain rainy days, there is nothing like a good ol’ Claypot Lao Shu Fun can’t fix. We were a bit surprised with the additional bean sprout which could be their recipe but the runny egg gives the noodle smooth texture and fill every bite with fulfillment.

Claypot Lao Shu Fun – RM 15.90

Taiwan has wide range of snacks and it’s snacking paradise over there which Taiwan Recipe has in their menu. Set in the night is their “Moonlight Prawncake”. A blend of prawn and variety condiments that is irresistible with a dip into the chili sauce.

Moonlight Prawncake
1/2 Moon (4 pcs) – RM 15.90
Full Moon (8 pcs) – RM 25.90
Taiwan Sausage – RM 10.90
Dumpling Series
Seafood Dumpling – RM 8.90 (4 pcs)
Pork Dumpling – RM 8.90 (4 pcs)
Vegetable Dumpling – RM 8.90 (4 pcs)

After a string of intense savoury of taste and spicy, time for bringing it down a notch with some desserts. Cooling it off with “Mango Snowy Ice”, it’s served with cubes of mango and tiny balls which is sweet when bite on it.

Mango Snowy Ice – RM 13.90
One might think that it is some gift but apparently it is a dessert served in a very small container vase which is presented as plant. The Bonsai Ice-Cream is rather unique and there is 2 variants of ice-cream to choose from with red bean as an alternative.

Bonsai Ice-Cream
Chocolate Ice-Cream – RM 5.90
Vanilla Ice- Cream – RM 5.90

That is an fulfilling meal without travelling all the way, just to enjoy the variety of food from Taiwan. So try it out at the branch near you today.

Taiwan Recipe @ Pearl Point
Lot No. 1.0.27 and 1.0.32 Ground Floor,
Pearl Point Shopping Mall,
Batu 5 Old Klang Road,
58000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-79817434

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