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Cremorlab Essence Treatment Water & Fresh Water Gel Review

I remember trying CremorLab trial set and I wasn’t really blown away by it but when I receive these CremorLab’s product, I look at the full size packaging it was all different compare to the deluxe size one… There is so many details in the box and also the bottle & jar itself but still very limited to simple design. I have not encounter such futuristic but kept minimal kind of packaging. As I am taking the zoom in shot of the product I keep admiring every single shiny patterns emboss on the bottle… Trust me , it’s really that captivating.

I am not sure if you can see in the picture due to the flash but it’s really stunning…. Its one of a kind packaging!!

Cremorlab Essence treatment Water

This essence water come along with their own unique cotton pad for you to use along which is really good. I feel their cotton pad is really soft and thick and it has this tough paper like texture (but still very soft) so it will never tear or peeled off.

The cotton box is so pretty and I like how it dispense out, so convenient. I am going to refill it with the cotton I purchase from Jusco as Cremorlab is pretty pricey (LOL). I tried searching for the price sold by Watson Muse but I couldn’t find it. I feel it’s better quality than the famous cotton pad from Shiseido so maybe it worth the price tag.

The Cremorlab Treatment Water Essence has really cooling effect and does feel like water, almost 99% alike and it does smell like filtered water too. I love the cooling effect it gave but that’s it… It does soothes my skin and hydrates my skin but I don’t see fantastic result coupling it with the water treatment gel. May be it was the treatment gel that did not do it’s job well. Other than that it’s all good by itself.

CremorLab Fresh Water Gel

I have really high hope for this but I was disappointed…

The packaging is beautiful but I dislike the internal cover that always hard to pull up… Maybe it’s good as it ensure the gel is store tight inside but it’s not convenient for me…

As for the texture it’s superb really non greasy at all and feel really refreshing when applied on my face BUT the moisture is insufficient I feel and my skin does not feel as radiant as before. I will still use it but only use as a touch up which means say in the noon time I feel so hot I decided to shower or I wash my face then I will reapply moisturiser using this. For main application. I think I will need something more hydrating for my skin.

Here is the before and after for using it for about 3weeks now… I am still using my Hyaluron serum and same facial foam. I only switch my toner and moisturiser with Cremorlab ones.

“Let me know if you have any good moisturiser that you love using, I love to try it too!!”

Got to go now, see you soon my love! XOXO!

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