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Somersby #ThatWeekendFeeling

Few weeks ago was invited to attend a night filled with laughter and a good bottle of Somersby Apple Cider! I had not really experience stand up comedy and I thought I will not really enjoy it that much because most of the time I find their joke are quite lame or I just don’t get it…. Surprisingly, the jokes was so so funny….with the combination of good Somersby it was truly a perfect night!

Me and bucket of Pear Somersby. They taste lighter and less sweet compare to the apple ones.


The ingredients for a good weekend!! FRIENDS + FOOD + SOMERSBY + ME= #THATWEEKENDFEELING!!


Me with gorgeous Alvy!She always look so gorgeous!


erm for some reason I’m not really entertain by them maybe their music are just not my type!


Jonathan Atherton were really good at making all of us laugh… Thank god I stopped eating else I might spill food everywhere…


Rishi Budhrani were good at his jokes but I like Jonathan ones more!


We definitely had a fun filled weekend!! Thank you Somersby & Nuffnang for such an amazing night..


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