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2013 is a Tour Year For Me!

Well is the last day of 2013 and to think back the happiest thing for me in 2013 is I travel a lot..Like from early of the year till end of the year which is very amazing!!!!!! I wish I have time to type all the travelogue but I just have too many work on hand…So i think, why not I just type a summary here?

1. Krabi trip

My year begin with Krabi Trip with Tourism Selangor and a bunch of crazy people!!!!!!!!! This is the craziest trip I went and I wish we will travel again sometime soon!!!!!!! This is the trip that I manage to update the most!! Checkout this link:

imageThis is how crazy we are!!

2. Kuching Trip

Then I get to go to Kuching with bunch of bloggers… I am very very happy to be invited to cover this trip as this is my first familiarization trip!! All thanks to Malindo & li Jen for making this possible!!

p/s: I will sure update on the super adorable Orang Utan and also the beautiful places we visited!

Read here on my experience with Malindo! I love flying with Malindo, it’s so comfortable yet affordable..I just saw the other day they are flying to Bali and few other places as well.

  imageWater Canon Ceremony

3. Jakarta Trip

Then I went to Jakarta for work…Well this trip is nothing much..Just a chilling, search for good food and shopping trip! Oh yes I bought a few super cheap high heel from new look too!!

Read about my short Jakarta Update Here.

imageCute girl dwg I found in Market Museum

4. Bangkok Trip

Just so I thought Jakarta shopping doesn’t satisfy my shopping addict so I went to Bangkok with Vivien…Gosh is the best shopping trip ever..we shop like mad woman..It’s entirely shopping no sightseeing…Now this is what we girls do when we go crazy over shopping…Read about our crazy shopping experience here!

imageThe stuff I bought in Bangkok and some I still have not open yet!

5. Langkawi Trip

Then I got invited to second Familiarization Trip from Nuffnang to go Langkawi!!!!!!!! God I am so happy to have visited Langkawi..I never thought Langkawi have so much to offer!!!!!!! Read all about my Langkawi Trip here.

imageOne of the most unforgettable moment..feeling happy and also ticklish because the bird is poking my palm!

6. Singapore + Malacca Trip

Just a few weeks later I was required to fly to Singapore for training and coincidently my friend Kenny wedding dinner is around that time in Jb. So darling and dad meet me up in Singapore during the weekend. Oh also manage to meet up with Cynthia Loh my blogger friends for the first time. Me and darling had our early anniversary lunch at Todai (the big Alaskan Crab buffet). I so missed it now!!! After the wedding dinner we travel down to Malacca for some food adventure before we head back to KL!! Drive home with full tummy! Read about our long road trip here.

imageI can’t believe we finish all of these!

7. Klang Valley Trip

In between also travel around Klang Valley area…which includes trip to Paya Wetland. Read more about Paya Wetland here.

imageFirst time seeing hippo open such big mouth!!!!LOL

8. Chengdu Trip

Not the best trip in my travel book but definitely the most memorable ones!! Why?? read them here….

imageThe beautiful House with the golden leaves!

So there you go 8 trip in a year.. I say 2013 has been good to me…. I hope more travelling in 2014 but by the look of it wont be as much as in 2013 because I am saving up for USA trip!! So how is your 2013 been going? Where will you be celebrating you new year tonight??

Thanks to all my loyal reader, without you I won’t be able to travel to so many places this year!!!!!! Please do continue to read my blog and do drop me a comment as I will jump with joy whenever I see comment notification on my phone!!!!!!!!!! Big kiss from me muahhhhhhhhhhh….

Good bye 2013 and Hello 2014!



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