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All About the Bag

Good morning ladiessss!! How’s your weekend? This weekend I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do for my future… Reconsidering all available option and trying to determine which route I should go to…. Despite some really bad news, I am trying to stand up and look for alternative. I will not let myself fall apart…. Back to today topic, BAGSSSSSSSS!!!

You ever trying looking for a particular bag for months? or you just see if it’s nice like if the colour and design match your preference and you just bought them home? You ever consider if the bag is practical to use? If it can last for a long time? If the material is good to touch and heavy duty type?? I do sometime just look at the bag, wow this is pretty and I head to the casher and pay for it. BUT for my daily bag especial those I use for travelling I have specific requirements… Very strict rule applies when I choose a bag then I will be using everyday! I have been looking for a year or maybe more but none of the bag match my requirement yet….


Checkout below video to find out more on the require I look into when buying bags and various bags I use for different occasions.

p/s: I took this video 2 weeks back…Sorry I only have time to upload now!! ><


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