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DIY Pre Wedding Photoshoot Project Part 3: Lake Garden

Halooooorrrrrrrrr we are back with another seriesss of DIY pre-wedding….  If you like to checkout other series please click this link. Boy I didn’t know there’s so much work for wedding preparation… OMG I have already eliminate most of the tradition but still a long list to do…. Well I’ll talk about that later in another post…. Before I talk about our photoshoot I would like to dedicate a short message to my partner Thomas for being so tolerate on all my ideas and request… He is one rare kind and one and only….. For that Thomas, I will love you till death do us apart.

Alright now back to the main topic the pre-wedding photoshoot.. The past two round was a impromptu shoot without proper planning… This time we plan a whole morning for it and carefully select the the prop and location we want to go so generally everything is well plan… The only thing that we never expect is, to be able to get up at 5am to put on makeup it takes 3 hour and when we reach the destination it’s almost 9am and the lighting is harsh…. and yes we were quite tired and sleepy…

We move on to the first spot with a small hut and flowers so we decided to settle down and put our stuff there and start setting up the camera on tripod and getting the  camera setting done.. I thought of using auto focus to snap the picture and we totally forget to check the focus point not until we reach home. We then realize some of the picture is not on focus! Also we forget to change the setting from time to time so some picture are a little bit over exposed… oh another gg moment is that I have prepare the pictures for reference and store in a word file in my Gmail but end up file size too huge I can’t open it…So we end doing free posing la…. Oh as we are rushing to the garden I totally forgot about accessorizing my look!

So here all the makeup and hair is done by myself and outfit theme is yellow… Well basically I’m like the makeup artist, fashion stylist and photographer la… I also ask Thomas to get the suspender from Zalora which way cheaper than My Tie… I am not sure where else is selling the suspender..

“ Question: I need an advise to all of you reading, do you think I still need to hire photographer to take my pre-wedding picture or save up that money to spend in my USA trip? But no matter how I will still need to snap my pre-wedding photo myself in USA because I can’t afford to fly a photographer over to USA. Considering this is first full photoshoot, the coming set will have more improvement….”

So without further ado here are all the pictures… All comments and feedback are welcome.

lake garden prewedding photo (1)

lake garden prewedding photo (2)

lake garden prewedding photo (21)
 Floral Top & Skirt: Bangkok
Heel: Bangkok

lake garden prewedding photo (8)

lake garden prewedding photo (11)

lake garden prewedding photo (13)

lake garden prewedding photo (15)

lake garden prewedding photo (17)

lake garden prewedding photo (19)

lake garden prewedding photo (27) 

lake garden prewedding photo (31)

lake garden prewedding photo (33)

lake garden prewedding photo (29)

lake garden prewedding photo (30)

It was a tiring shoot but the process was fun.. The most tiring part will be running back and forth to check out the picturess… and of course the hot sun is slowly melting us….. We basically call it a day after the first spot….. LoLzzz.. So there you go part 3… I am excited for part 4 and the wedding gown shopping was pretty fun!!! I will write a post on that soon!! For now I have to go.. Have a nice day!!

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  • Swee San

    Hi Cindy. imho, I think you should get your pre-wed photos properly done if you want to have a pre-wed album. I'm not saying this cause you are doing a bad job in DIY-ing yourself, cause i think your effort and time put to doing this deserves a pat on the back. But maybe you wanna think of what you wanna see like a few years down the road after you are married. If you don't have budget in spending on a professional photographer, you can get hobbyist or freelancers to help you. Because it is too time consuming to run back and forth to the camera, you may not be able to get the right angle, right lighting, right focus. I'm pretty sure you don't wanna spend 100 hours doing it when u can get it done in 10 hours ? surely u will have another 3526914 things to worry for the actual wedding, thinking of which angle, which aperture, which ISO to set for the next photo is not the thing you want to focus on.

  • cindy tong (

    ah thats the thing… i dont want an album cos it will end up under my bed… i agree with you on the time spend… but the money to hire photographer might take longer time to earn then tine spend diy the pic.. but ill see if i get any good offer with nice gown all together… so far get nice photog but gown not nice or viceversa… and for actual day will def nd a proper photographer… for prewedding still thinking if i nd a photog cos anyway when i go usa i will take the photos myself bcos i def cant afford to bring the photog over… but thanks sweesan for advice… reli appreciate…. will nd to survey more on the pricing…

  • sweesan

    actually i don't really understand your comment, but just keep an eye on the deals or wedding fair. i'm sure u can get it under 2k. if u think in future the pre-wed album will end up under your bed, then don't waste anymore time and effort on it. spend more time to earn more money and get a super nice gown.

  • ShopGirl

    The purpose of a wedding shoot is to create memories and you are doing it right here and now. It's not just about the pro aspect – these are so creative and amazing and I think you're becoming a better photographer with each shoot. I
    I think you did a great job despite the logistic issues. All three editions have been nothing short of cute. I think it's a nice 'date' experience for you and Thomas each time too and seriously, your man has patience. Most guys won't even pose for one photo let alone a series.

    Yes, I'm sure a friend will help to make the process easier!

  • cindy tong (

    oh because I will go USA so i wont be able to hv budget to hire photog in USA nor bring one over…so in the end i will still end up taking the photos myself…I dont need album but i want the soft copy….and so far the cheapest package i get is 2.5 k…if below 2k then i will really consider lolzzzz….. thanks for ur advise help me alot!

  • Cheryl Chan

    Hi dear, there are so many freelancers outside now that you can simply customize the package. Tell them that you don't need the album, just the softcopy, or if you have everything ready (the make up, the gowns, the props etc) just sign up for the photography service. Another way is to have engagement portraits, which comes in a lower price tag. Or you can always opt for professional couple portraits for few hundred bucks.

    There are many different ways to go about a pre-wedding photoshooting, you just have to look harder and decide which style that you want.

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