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Targus T-1211 Backpack Review

In the our daily routine, the active lifestyle could prove a challenge especially when you are constantly on-the-go. Like most, we are constant on the lookout for the bag that could carried around while on the go but won’t be constrict by it’s size or perhaps lack of compartments. Hence we will be checking Targus whom is one of the world’s leading laptop computer cases and accessories maker with their new T-1211 Backpack which might be just the bag.


Targus T-1211 Backpack (13.3” – 17”)

Hence we will be checking Targus whom is one of the world’s leading laptop computer cases and accessories maker with their new T-1211 Backpack which might be just the bag. Last weekend we carried this new laptop bag out so we can work on our laptop at Paparich… It fit perfectly on our back and it feel comfortable even though my laptop are quite heavy!!!

targus T-1211 review

In a quick glance, the T-1211 Backpack has a clean look that offers more functionality despite the plain appearance for the everyday commuter.

Backpack_Grey_01 (T-1211 Backpack)

There is a variety of storage options in the backpack that allow maximum capacity without the excessive bulk mass. The backpack is made of durable polyester which is designed to accommodate and custom fit multiple device sizes ranges from 13.3” to 17” using a built-in adjustable compression strap. The strap is intended to secure the devices placed into the section and it looks durable too.


Compression Strap (Inside)

While going through the bag with much curiosity, we noticed the front section is loaded with compartments which could carry all the devices and to retrieve it back easily. There are small pockets for convenient storage of tablet or other accessories, a dedicated pocket designed to also carry your phone with pull tab ejector (Yes, literally). There is a file storage compartment which is almost seamless from normal glance due to the seamless design to integrate with the bag’s design.

Backpack_Grey_04 Interior compartment

There is a side mesh pocket for water bottle and a removable and adjustable accessory pouch. The backpack is also design to protect against water with it’s water-resistant base and seam-sealed zippers to prevent water from sipping in. The zipper pulls and attachments are all metal, not those fragile plastic which is a definite plus point.


Stash Pockets
Side Mesh Pocket


Inside compartment


Zipper Pull


File Storage Compartment

The side-handle is designed with a trolley strap for added convenience and portability. By turning the bag horizontally, slide over a roller bag like a trolley strap and you’re good to go.

targus12110003 Side handle (Trolley Strap)

The two-way shoulder and sternum strap is designed to distribute the weight of what you carry evenly, so you won’t have a sore back at the end of the day along with its extra-thick mesh padding.


Backpack strap

From multiple compartments to accommodate up to 17 inch monitor, and still carry everything else you might need to take along, the Targus T-1211 Backpack has room to organize all of it. The back even has a secret compartment to hide your wallet and keys.


Side compartments

The backpack does not have an inner support system, so it slumps down a bit when it’s not loaded with a computer. This isn’t a major concern, unless you have a thing about your backpack always sitting up straight. In overall, Targus T-1211 Backpack is well made, designed and reasonably priced. It would be a ideal choice for those that are on the go. It is also ideal for anyone who wants to get away, but still have a safe way to carry their laptop along. This backpack will not disappoint in that aspect. 

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