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DIY Pre Wedding Photoshoot Project Part 1

Good morning girls, how are you today?? As for me I am overly exhausted….. Never been this exhausted… I am trying my best to keep up with work and blog but last week something happen at my work that I spend lot of time to settle it… As much I love to really see you girls everyday I have to prioritize my work! So please don’t miss me too much if you don’t see me this few days as I can’t stand it anymore I needed rest and sleep!!! I will try my best to update whenever possible!! Meantime you can still read some of my other post if you have not read them okay?

Now back to the topic me and Thomas has been practising and doing studies on pre-wedding photoshoot…. But but before that I know you guys have question right? “ Are we getting marry soon? ” Well I would say not so soon not within this year or next year… I will keep you guys posted when I do okay?  I still enjoy my single hood but we might move in together next year, not yet confirmed yet… Well I am excited to finally move into my own house and can’t wait to furnish it with the furniture of my dream! Okay now back to where we had stop earlier me and Thomas love the idea of taking our own pre-wedding photos. So we are slowly taking part by part now using what ever equipment and outfit we have. We may not be professional but we love the process of taking the pictures and the memories that come with it… The best part is we can take unlimited shot until we are happy with it and no need to spend extra dollar on it! Well we plan this for more than a year before it actually take place as I told some of my friends, they couldn’t believe it can be done by ourself and it does sound demotivated… Nevertheless we still take it up and now our first set of picture!!! I am happy!

This is our very first photoshoot, it is not perfect but both of us are happy with the outcome and we will try to improve in our next photoshoot. This time we are doing a soft modernised theme and pictures taken inside our hotel room in Hattan Hotel Malacca. We are pressed for time as I took quite some time to do the makeup and also my hair… Right after the shoot we need to rush over to my friend wedding dinner… So actually takes only one hour to complete the photoshoot. Some of the frame background had a lot of disruption as we didn’t have much time to plan it well but the next time we will spare at least half a day to properly plan everything right inside the frame. This is also our very first time taking picture using a remote and my DSLR does not have any flip screen so it’s quite challenging to ensure everything fit into the frame nicely. Another challenge is the lighting as we can’t move the camera around to find the right lighting as the subject (which is us) will move and the lighting will slightly change but the camera angle stays the same.. So some of our picture are over exposed and the arms and ear are disappearing! Oh my makeup contouring is too light too, I shall put a tone darker in the next photoshoot…

Now it’s time for the photos, if you have any comments please let us know so we can improve from there… All pictures are edited using simple software like Canon Digital Photo Processor & Meitu.
First is my individual shot which I quite love the angle and the colour tone of the dress and my skin tone….

DIY Prewedding shoot6_副本

Dress: Forever 21
Necklace & Bangles: Diva
Earring: Miss Selfridge
Peep Toe Heel: Aldo

DIY Prewedding shoot8_副本

DIY Prewedding shoot9_副本

DIY Prewedding shoot10_副本

DIY Prewedding shoot12_副本

DIY Prewedding shoot14_副本

DIY Prewedding shoot16_副本

I love every single photos even thought there is still some improvement to do in terms of posing, angle, expression, composition and lighting…. We had fun taking those shot in a shot time running back and forth making sure our face is inside the frame….. Here is some of the behind the scene, some shots that was snap before me or Thomas walk back to our position….
DIY Prewedding shoot13

Below is a candid shot but turn out to be a pretty meaningful shot!

DIY Prewedding shoot15

Alright got to go now….See you real soon hopefully….

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