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Linden Leaves Radiant Exfoliating Wash with Tangerine & Kowhat Review

Woots is Friday I needed more sleep as I only have one day of extra sleep after 6 days of 5hours sleep in Bangkok!! Yahooo weekends is coming!!! My skin become so dull ever since I came back from Bangkok and thank god I have my favourite scrub with me… Once I reach home, I took a shower and quickly squeeze a small amount and massage it all over my face and apply Biocellulose mask after that! So today I share with you a quick review on this Linden Leaves Radiant Exfoliating Wash with Tangerine & Kowhat.
I always love skincare from New Zealand and most of them are made of natural product. If you are new to Linden Leaves, you can read about them at this post which I have write a short intro on Linden Leaves previously. During SkinTopic first year anniversary, I gotten a sample from them and once I tried them I immediately fall in love! So I went and bought myself a full size… Linden Leave product are free from animal testing, paraben and also sodium lauryl/laureth sulphates. Linden Leaves products contain top quality organic and natural ingredients, fruit and flower oils and unique scent and essential oil blends.

Linden leaves Radiant Exfoliating Wash (12)

This tiny little bottle contain delicious tangerine and apricot natural exfoliation that give my face a fresh feeling after rinsing with water!!! Tangerine will clear congested skin, reduce scarring and spot. Apricot kernel granules will lift away dead skin cells that block your pores causing blackhead and whitehead formation. The exfoliation wash texture is very gel-ish feel all thanks to the aloe vera which help to hydrate and minimise skin irritation.

Linden leaves Radiant Exfoliating Wash texture

Kowhai a native tree from New Zealand can help to sooth and cleanse the skin!

Product Info

Product Name : Linden Leaves Radiant Exfoliating Wash with Tangerine & Kowhat
Net Weight : 55ml
Price : RM 118
Where to Buy : SkinTopic Store (Malaysia) |
Linden Leaves  International Online Store (International)
Skin Type : All Skin Type

This is a 2 in 1 product as it cleanse and exfoliates at the same time… It helps to clear and balance skin prone to excess oil, spots or congestion. No wonder I feel my T-zone not as oily as before. The exfoliating particle is quite fine compare to many scrub I have tried so far. The fine particle exfoliate gently on my skin without hurting my skin!!Plus the gel texture feels good when apply on skin as it gives a little cooling sensation….. (speaking on this I feel like scrubbing my face with it now while I typing..LOL) When I rinse my face with water I can feel the instant smoothness on my skin! After I towel dry my face, I can see a healthy glowing complexion on my skin. I used it twice a week or max is three time a week… Well if you want a lighter exfoliating, you can add a tiny bit into your daily cleanser for everyday use. It’s not limited to face area you can also use it on chin, neck and shoulder area to reduce redness and prevent spot.
and below is my face right after I come back from Bangkok and the after picture is right after I towel dry my face.. See the instant brighten skin?

Linden leaves Radiant Exfoliating Wash review 
So that’s pretty much for today!! Happy Weekend and do come back next week for my Bangkok Trip post ya!!

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  • ShopGirl

    I have the same issue after coming back from trips away. I think it has to do with the change of weather/ environment and tending to be in the sun more when I travel. The other thing is that I can't stick to my usual skincare regime as much because of luggage limitations so I might skip a step or two. Last time I came back from Australia I had to see a dermatologist. The dry weather was so bad for my skin!

    Anyway, I've heard such good things about this brand and you make the scrub sound so good. I know how much you like scrubs too.

  • cindy tong (

    owh for me when I travel I used totally different set of skin care…so my skin will definitely change alot….and yes when I travel i'll expose to more sun thus dull skin without scrubbing my face as I dont bring any scrub during travel!!! hehehe I like all skincare except greasy and oily ones!! and this scrub definitely works for me and it smell refreshing too!

  • Mieza Everdeen

    wow the effect after scrub is amazing! one day i'll make sure i get my hands on this scrub 😀 for now I am currently testing the black sugar scrub from Skinfood, just bought it a few days ago.

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