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L’Oreal White Perfect Total 10 Gives you Deep Whitening & Full Protection

This L’Oreal White Perfect Total 10 is like a bottle of magic, it gives you 5 Brightening Action & 5 Full Protection. It seems impossible for a bottle of cream to have such impressive result isn’t it? Believe it or not, with L’Oreal Vitamin CX Technology skin can receives both whitening action and protection against UV-Induced darkening including oil-control. I feel this is like a bottle custom made to suit my skin as it match what I need at the moment…. My skin tone has become so dull due to the harsh sun in the day and my face tend to become very oily at the end of the day especially if I am out of the my office or house…. So this L’Oreal White Perfect Total 10 Day Cream Moisturizer definitely hit the spot and the plus point is it comes with SPF 30!


Last week I was invited to L’Oreal White Perfect Total 10 Tea Party to find out more about this amazing whitening cream moisturizer!! We get to selfie with the L’Oreal White Perfect Total 10 Day Cream Moisturizer and then clip it to a card where we need to fill up the top 5 words that best describe ourself & 5 best moments in our life to stands a chance to win a L’Oreal Goodie bag!

clip_image001Shasha smiling for the camera!
Loreal White Perfect Tea Party3let the creativity flow and the most creative words wins!
Loreal White Perfect Tea Party10Stick it onto the board!

The Vitamin CX Technology is a unique combination of three vitamins – C, B3, and E which known to help fight skin darkening at the epidermis level. It’s formula contained Advanced Shield Complex SPF30 PA+++ which will protect your skin from external aggression that may cause UV-induced darkening in the first place. These two technology will act together to give skin inside out action and protection against UV-induced darkening, first by reducing existing dark spots and then preventing future ones from developing. It’s total whitening and oil-control care with White Perfect Total 10 Day Cream Moisturizer.

Loreal White Perfect Tea Party2

The day cream moisturizer give 5 complete brightening instantly and 5 full protection!


At the party, guest can get a makeover by these beautiful cosmetic from L’Oreal!

Loreal White Perfect Tea Party9d

Loreal White Perfect Tea Party7Let’s get pretty!!

We also get to make our own Pandora charm bracelet…

Loreal White Perfect Tea Party6

and a little surprise for those who got a star on their invitation card get to go to Watson for a fun tour &  quiz!!

clip_image001[6]the lucky girls!! and that includes me weee….

We had some fun quiz session at Watson and everyone gets a prize. Janice the lucky girl get the grand prize!! Congrats girl!!

Loreal White Perfect Tea Party13

Selfie with Shini baby, thanks for bring me to the party!! Red heartRed heart 

Loreal White Perfect Tea Party16

A picture with lovely Iqa, she’s a busy girl…Seldom get to meet up with her….

Loreal White Perfect Tea Party15

I have try this cream earlier, it seem pretty good so far… Though it’s in cream form but not oily at all… I will need more time to test this to see how it workout on my skin. Till my next post, see ya…

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